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Saturday, 27 October 2018


"The woman you love is stealing from you!" Martin shouted back, a little louder perhaps for it stilled him in his boots.
"What?" He whispered, looking at Martin in disbelief.
Martin nodded his head, before dropping the file he held in the empty space on his desk, the logs completely forgotten now.
Lucas eyed the file in disgust. Somehow, he knew whatever was in there would not favor him or his marriage. If Martin's claims were true, it was probably his fault they occurred. He had been so busy with the new branch in Enugu, he had completely lost his focus on protecting his funds better.
"What is in there?"
"Open it." Was the command.
It was very clear Martin wouldn't divulge anything, so he sat back down and did as he was bid. After a few minutes of perusing through, which was done twice in rapid successions, he looked up to the grim look on Martin's face.
"What is the meaning of this?"
"The account department sent a memo last week and I had to look into it. Apparently, your wife had been signing off on some contracts without your approval. Contracts worth millions of naira. Her solicitor was Rocky Apia."
Rocky Apia was his wife's best friend from childhood. Those two had been really close and recently Rocky started dating Sara's older sister, Evelyn. Lucas knew he helped the Amadi's manage their funds but that he went as far as this was surprising, and not in a good way.
"What are all this investments? Blue roses cultivation in Lakeview hotels, Sugarcane factory merger with Vanasiks, Wallington textile design coalition? Did we ever meet with these companies? They sound odd." He asked, frowning at how much money was practically missing.
Martin was quick to squash his confusion. "They are all white elephant projects. I called Vanasiks and the Lakeview hotels. They both denied agreeing to any projects with CAPPEL. Somehow, I think Rocky knew Sara had some shares in this company and they were both using it to swindle money from you, from the company."
Lucas was dubious. "How is that even possible? Yes Rocky is her lawyer for obvious reasons but she doesn't know about the shares. I haven't mentioned it to her hearing."
"Rocky is her lawyer, and the issue concerning her shares is not exactly a secret. Otherwise, how else could he have convinced her to sign off on these projects?" Martin asked determinedly.
"Just admit that almost half a billion naira is missing, probably in that guys account and your wife helped him to do it, Lucas." Martin reiterated.
We demand for complete custody of Lucas Junior.
Sara couldn't believe it. How could they do this? He's also her son. She went through surgery to have him. How could they just suddenly make up that clause out of the blues? She tore her gaze from the paper to look at Rocky, dressed in his high cut Armani suit. She idled with the thought that he dressed above his monthly paychecks but had to snap her attention back to the issue at hand.
"They can't do this!" She cried out at the injustice. "Just because they are rich doesn't mean they can force me to sign away my son. I'm his mother, I gave birth to him. Yes, I hate Lucas and I'm divorcing him but it doesn't mean I'm giving up on my son too."
Rocky stared at her and frowned. "Sara, you need to be reasonable here. Your rights as his mother will be pretty nonexistent once the divorce is final. Did you honestly think they would let you leave with him, their only grandson because you are his mother? You of all people should know how ruthless the rich can be."

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