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Monday, 29 October 2018


She glared daggers at him. He was right, but she wouldn't admit it. The Caspian-Asiegbus would not let her take her son with her once the divorce is over. His mother had shown up here two days ago demanding to see her grandson. She had tried to hold her ground but the woman had been pretty insistent, saying that the slums was nowhere for a premature baby to survive. She had even threatened to hurt her if the boy got sick from staying here. Thinking she was saving her son's life, she had let them take him away, only for those people to send Rocky here this morning with this clause.
"I won't do it. I won't let them take him away just because they are rich. I'm his mother and he has to be with me. Why did I let that woman intimidate me into letting her take him when she came here?" She fumed, looking around the room.
Her family had moved into this house, a bungalow in the suburbs of Surulere after she married Lucas, but still, this house did not compare to the mansion the Caspian-Asiegbus lived in. No wonder that woman had said she lived in the slums.
Annoyed, she picked up her purse she had thrown to the sofa when she returned from the mall. Her mother and her two sisters were at a wedding reception and she was still mourning over her broken marriage to attempt going to a wedding.
"Let's go, Rocky. I need to tell those snobs that they can't take my son from me. I won't sign him away just because they want me to."
Soon, she and Rocky were in her car driving towards Ikeja, towards the Caspian-Asiegbu family home. The Gateman allowed them to drive in and they parked the car in front of the long pathway leading up to the house. Gingerly, she and Rocky made their way into the house. The doorman ushered them into the living area and told them to wait there. Madam, as he called her would soon be downstairs.
Mrs. Caspian-Asiegbu walked into the living room, looking very beautiful and delicate. Sara had always admired her beauty, and her smile. She had the most beautiful smile ever and was greatly loved by her family. Sara had even come to love her too but she tried not to dwell on that feeling. She was here to take her son back and that was that.
"Hello Sara. You're here already. You're just in time."
Sara eyed her tone warily. Something was not right. "In time for what? Where is my son?"
The older woman smiled sadly. "Oh, he's fine. Don't worry. He's napping after eating hungrily. I made sure of that. As I was saying, you're just in time to say your goodbyes since this is the last time you'll be seeing him."
That had Sara's nerves on edge. Something was going on here. She glanced at Rocky, who looked more confused than she did. She directed her gaze back at the woman.
"What are you saying? What do you mean by that? Where is my son?" She was damn near hysterics and she didn't know why.
The woman was unrelenting. "It would do you good to shut your mouth right now. You're in no position to make demands after what you did."
Sara flinched at her words. She didn't do anything. It was her son who cheated on her and broke her trust. "What are you talking about?"
"Should I say you stole from me or is it embezzling of funds, considering the fact that you signed away lots of money using my authority or the fact that I trusted you enough to let it happen? You know what I'm talking about, don't you, Rocky?" Lucas asked quietly, strolling into the room to come stand beside his mother. He was scowling.
Sara's gaze found Rocky's which were now as round as saucers. Did he commit a financial crime?
"Give me a very good reason as to why I should not send your ass off to jail right now!" Lucas bellowed, spitting fire.

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