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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


"Her signatures are on all the documents!" Rocky cried, startling her.
What signatures? What documents? Her mind was whirling in deep thoughts.
Then she remembered. "You said those documents were for my benefit. They were to protect my interest!"
He had shown up at the house with some documents these past few months when Lucas was still in Enugu, saying that as the wife of a billionaire, she had to ensure her interests in his wealth was protected in the case she was suddenly widowed. She hadn't been interested but Rocky had managed to convince her to sign those documents.
"What interest? You're a liar. You are in cahoots with this thief!" yelled his mother angrily.
"I am not in cahoots with anybody! You are just saying this to get me to give up on my son. I am innocent!"
"She asked for my help and I agreed!" Rocky yelled, trying to drown her words.
Lucas walked to come stand in front of her, his expression stoic. "How could you betray me like this? I gave you everything you've ever asked me for. I let you spend my money as you please and this is the thanks I get?"
He couldn't possibly be insinuating... "You have to believe me. I didn't steal from you. He lied to me, he didn't tell me what those documents really were."
"How could you sign documents you know absolutely nothing about? Those documents were forged, an avenue to embezzle funds from me. And your signatures are on all of it!" He raked a hand through his face and stepped back.
Sara's gaze went round the room. Suddenly a few policemen rounded the room, obviously here to whisk them away for financial crimes. She glanced at Rocky who was alarmed and trembling as he couldn't seem to hold her gaze. He was a traitor and a coward, and that had Sara wondering why she had hired him to represent her. Mrs. Caspian-Asiegbu was glaring at the two of them, obviously disgusted judging by the looks on her features. Sara realized she was disgusted with herself for being a fool and trusting easily. When her gaze met her husbands', she was shocked to see the disappointment in them. Suddenly, it was as though she had committed the greatest crime ever, his cheating scandal completely forgotten. Also forgotten was the reason why she was here in the first place.
"I've told you I'm innocent. I don't know how to prove it to you, but this is pointless. I'm here to see my son, not talk about fake documents."
That statement had the two people standing opposite her flipping their lid.
"What insolence?!" cried the woman in aghast. "My son could go bankrupt due to your ignorance."
Sara's eyes flew to Lucas face, stunned. The amount embezzled must be a lot if he was in danger of bankruptcy.
He was unfazed. "I want those money back or it's your ass off to jail, Rocky."
Rocky was unyielding. "I don't have those money anymore. I've spent them!"
"Bullcrap! Ten years in jail awaits you if I don't get my money back. You can have your sentence reduced if your partner is caught," Lucas clarified.
"She's my only partner!" Rocky's gaze flew to her and Sara felt like she was rapidly going down with a sinking ship. How is this happening right now?
"I want to see my son!" She cried out, because frankly that was the only thing keeping her sane about this matter.
The older woman looked ready to boil over. "If you so much as mention your son again, I'll have your hind tossed off to jail with your friend here. Be grateful I'm keeping you and your sister this crook is dating out of this issue, otherwise you won't like where this will end. Trust me, you don't want to make me angry."
She was already fuming, Sara reflected and cast a glance at her husband, tears freely falling now.
"You can't do this, please Lucas! Don't take him away. I won't ask anything from you. Just let me leave with my son and you won't see me again. I beg of you!" She sobbed, sinking to the floor.
He squared down to her height and said. "I also don't want to see you again so I have signed the divorce papers. In likewise manner, I don't want my son to see you again. I'll have my lawyer send you the custody papers later. You will sign it, or you will go to jail with Rocky here."
"No! No, you can't do this!" She cried, reaching to grab his shirt.
He slipped from her grip and stood up.
"Gentlemen, please take them away. There's nothing more to say here."
Sara could see from her peripheral vision Rocky trying to fight his way off the police men that held him. They dragged off a screaming Rocky out of the house. A policeman came to help her stand. Then something snapped within her. She remembered screaming loud and shouting profanities at those people. It seems it was her ' thing ' now, considering she had gone ballistic on Lucas barely a month ago for the cheating scandal. She had struggled, dragging her feet refusing to leave. Somehow, she had been overpowered and put in her car, with a policeman driving. She remembered her sisters guiding her into the house, trying to console her. She couldn't bring herself to tell them her naivety, her trust, had cost her a son, so she kept quiet.
The next day, his lawyer had shown up with the divorce papers, and she had been surprised he had left her their house, the three cars they owned, and the money she had been entitled to as his wife in her alimony. When she demanded to see him, she was told regrettably that he had left for Abuja that morning and Sara knew all hope was gone. He was probably going to stay with his grandfather, Papa Fred as those two were like peas in a pod. He had also taken her son with him.
It was perhaps later when her family had sold their bungalow to move into the huge house in Lakeview estate did Sara realize that contrary to his words, he had inadvertently left out the custody papers when the lawyer brought papers to her. It meant she still had rights to her son and that thought alone gave her hope.
I said it, too much drama and I couldn't resist. Now you know why they have such a bitter history. There's also the cheating scandal to review. We'll still get there (winks)
(Conversation to clear this confusion about the embezzlement.)
Lucas: If you did it, say you did it. If you didn't did it, say you didn't did it.
Sara: I didn't did it.
(Cues hilarious laughter ).

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