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Friday, 12 October 2018


A s sudden as a snap, Lanre awakened to the sound of the doorbell. In a fusion of fear and bewilderment, he glanced at Nnenne, who was sound asleep.
He wondered who it could be at that hour and even worse, what would they would think if they saw her.
The door bell rang out more impatiently, he threw off the blanket and shut the bedroom door after him as he reached to open the main door. He was relieved when he saw it was Adaeze.
She walked in, uninvited, her eyes scanned the place as she asked:
"Where is Nnenne?"
"She's asleep in the bedroom" he answered as he turned around.
"Okay thank God" she said, relieved, she continued
"Your friend, Micheal, filled me in on the headline"
"So I came here to see if you got to the club in time"
"So what happened when you got there?" she asked.
Lanre narrated everything, exactly as it happened like his mind was set to replay.
"I can't believe she could be so irresponsible" Adaeze said, shaking her head in disbelief.
"I mean as the secretary, she has a reputation to uphold, how could she do something so berating?"
"She couldn't even take a second to think of you or the humiliation you'd go through if she was videoed"
"I wonder what would have happened if you hadn't gotten there in time"
Adaeze continued to speak, her eyes filled with hatred and disgust.
Lanre remained quiet, but impatience boiled deep in his system as hot as larva. He wondered why she spoke ill of Nnenne all of a sudden but he couldn't stand her words either, they irked him, like the buzz of a housefly in someone's ear.
He was irritated.
"SHUT UP ADA! JUST SHUT UP!!" He snapped, annoyed.
"Why are you shutting me up? Is the truth so bitter?" She asked, her brows knitted in annoyance.
"What type of friend are you?!" Lanre asked, angrily, not wanting an answer, he went on, shouting.
"How can you judge her so quickly without hearing her side of the story?! You've known Nnenne longer than I have and you know that she's too innocent to even think of such things, talk less of doing it, but yet, you dress her down as if you don't know her at all!"
Adaeze attempted to continue.
"—Just as I expected, you're defe—"
"Be quiet!" Lanre yelled, pointing his index finger to her face and giving her a dead stare.
"I let you speak before, now it's my turn!" he pointed out.
"So you listen!" He growled, then he proceeded
"You call yourself a friend and yet, you can't even defend her in her absence!"
Adaeze still tried to justify her actions, but lanre wasn't having it.
"You're so blinded by her innocence that you refuse to see—"
"—I said that's enough!" He retorted, throwing his hands in a gesture of infuriation.
"I can't believe you Ada! Since Nnenne got appointed as secretary you've become something else!"
"If You're berating Nnenne to make me feel she's not competent enough as my secretary! Then just know you're wasting your time!" he said, his face squeezed in a mixture of realization and disgust.
"I know Nnenne would never do a thing like this in her right mind. And I'm going to find out the main story behind this event"
"Now, if your done with all your drama, you know the way out!" he reminded and retired back to the bedroom, peeved. Leaving Adaeze, chagrined and staring blackly at him before she stormed off.

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