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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Lanre's eyes flashed with indignance and anger, much like lightning in a black clouded sky. Adaeze couldn't recognize him anymore, she gulped nervously and looked away, her face lowered because she was too ashamed to look him in the eye.
Lanre proceeded towards her, his glare unmoving and accompanied by a deliberate slow breathing, like he was fighting something back.
"So it's you?!" He asked, his mouth twisted into a grimace.
"I never expected that you'd stoop so low and do something so disgusting!"
"How could you do this?! Have you no shame at all?!" He asked, shouting with his eyes wide.
Adaeze gained courage like an eagle, her head snapping up in a fit of rage.
"No! I don't have any!
"I refuse to have! Not when she's taken everything away from me!" she said, strenuously pointing her index finger to the floor as though she had a score to settle with it.
"What is it that Nnenne has taken away from you that could push this far!" He snarled at her.
Adaeze stared blankly at Lanre, refusing to utter a word as she couldn't bring herself to tell him that he was the most important thing that had been taken away from her.
An unmoved Lanre, continued speaking nonetheless.
"Didn't you even think of what could have happened to her if I didn't get there on time?"
"You disgust me! A pathetic excuse for a friend is exactly what you've lowered yourself to be!"
Adaeze's jaw clenched with no remorse in her eyes as she pointed out:
"This time luck was on her side but I'm afraid next time the story would be different."
"I promise you that I would destroy her reputation in such a way that she would not be able to show her face on campus ever again!" she said, her nostrils flaring up.
Her words irked Lanre the more, his squinted eyes flooded with irritation as he raised his hand about to slap her. Adaeze gaped in surprise, but he hesitated, curling his fingers slowly back in and lowering it.
"Thank your God that I don't believe in hitting a woman, otherwise I would've rearranged your face and maybe that would have brought you back to your senses!" He said, scowling at her.
Lanre spotted the bartender, his head lowered in shame as he pretended to be so busy cleaning the counter whilst still giving them darting glances.
"And you greedy fool!" Lanre yelled, pointing his index fingers at the bartender
"I should throw you behind bars, but I'm not as cruel as you are so I leave you to your conscience, just have it at the back of your mind that this is your last day on this job and I will ensure you don't work in a place like this ever again. Before you send so many to their early graves because of your greed!" He scolded with a stern face and stormed off.

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