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Thursday, 18 October 2018


The bartender watched after him, his eyes trembling, and his mind recapping the words, wrapping his face with fear like a mask. Adaeze, on the other hand, stared after, vexed.
A couple hours later, Nnenne came down to meet Lanre at the parking lot as he had called her earlier. Watching Nnenne draw closer, he wondered how he would break the news of her friend to her and more so, how she would feel.
Nnenne entered the car, immediately noticing the bothered expression on his face:
"What happened?"
"You don't look so good" she pointed out, but Lanre didn't answer as he was deep in thought. She nudged his arm, turning his eyes and attention to her instantly.
"I don't really know how to say this to you" He said.
Nnenne worried by the tone of voice said anxiously
"Just say it to me anyhow"
After a couple seconds of summing up courage he asked
"How long have you known Adaeze?"
"We met here on campus, she was the first person to talk to me and tease me at the same time, and after that we became fast friends"
"Why do you ask?" She asked, her head cocked
Lanre took a deep breath and began to tell Nnenne everything that happened. But the reply he got was not what he expected.
"I never expected this from you!" She said, her expression rigid.
"How can you say that about Adaeze?!"
"That's my best friend your talking about, I know she's wild but she would never stoop that low!" She said, her eyes crinkled
"She's not who you thin—" Lanre tried to make her understand but to no avail.
"No! You're wrong!" She yelled, dead set
"She is exactly who I think she is!"
"She's the same person who takes care of me when I run out of money!" she said, her eyes watered with sympathy.
"The same person who welcomes me into her home when I can't afford to go back to mine, she treats me like her own sister!"
"So you cannot be right!" She said, adamantly
"Pls just listen to me!" He pleaded
"That's enough Lanre!"
"I don't want to hear it anymore!" She shunned him vehemently and walked out his car.
He kept calling out to her but she wouldn't respond.
Few days later, Lanre, Adaeze and Nnenne were reading at the library. Lanre and Nnenne were seated at different tables, but they managed to sneak yearning looks at each other, turning their eyes away quickly each time their gaze almost met.
Adaeze seating besides Nnenne, observed her behavior and noticed Lanre at the other end, satisfaction clouded her face and she gave a lopsided grin, then she pulled a long face pretending to be bothered as she asked:
"What's going on with you two? You've been distant lately"
"It's nothing" Nnenne said, sneaking a peek at Lanre again
"Tell that to your face" Adaeze said, rolling your eyes.
"Just tell me already" she urged.
Nnenne thought back to what happened with Lanre, she knew telling Adaeze would be upsetting, so she waved off the topic with a simple answer.
"We're just taking some time off that's all."
Adaeze seeing the lie clearly in her expression as though it was written across her forehead tried pressing on for answers but she wouldn't budge, she packed up books from the table and headed to the shelf.
Nnenne's attention was fixed as she arranged the books back on the shelf in alphabetical order just like she met them. That was until she caught a glimpse of Lanre out the corner of her eyes, he stood glancing through a book at the next shelf few inches away.
As she turned her neck to look at him, their gaze met. She looked away and arranged the books quickly when she saw Lanre's attempt to approach her. Seeing her turn away, he walked briskly towards her as she hurried off like a kid escaping the dark.
"Hold on!"
"Please listen to me!" He called out, whispering.
"I don't want to listen to anything you have to say!"
"Please just leave me alone!" She pleaded, skipping her steps.
She was in a dilemma, she did want to speak to him, she had missed his company after all, but at the same time, she felt listening to him would be betraying Adaeze.
She walked as fast as her legs could carry her, but unfortunately they weren't fast enough as he gripped her by the arm and turned her to himself instantly, resulting in a tender hearted eye lock between them.
After a few seconds of the captivating stare, she pulled away from his grip and left the library, forgetting Adaeze. Lanre stared after her, hurt, his eyes as bleak as a black stone under a blue sea.
Tsk - tsk- tsk- tsk! Lanre heard from behind, the sound carried mockery like signals in transmission waves.
His expression hardened like a starched cloth as he turned to see Adaeze standing behind him, she was relaxed on a shelf with her hands folded and her head tilted to the side, shooting him a malevolent gaze.
He couldn't stand the sight of her so he attempted to walk away but stopped as she obstructed him.
"You know what they say, innocence can kill ." She made a click sound with corner of her mouth in ridicule and went on
"Maybe you two are really meant for each other after all. I mean you both are so predictable" she wobbled her head.
"Just as I expected, you told her and even more than I expected, she didn't believe you" she taunted, smiling and superciliously looking at him through half -lidded eyes.
"It's called FAITH!" He cocked his head, maddened by her reaction.
"It's funny you have so much faith in someone else but not yourself. Because if you did, you would handle things a lot differently." He said and walked away leaving Adaeze feeling insulted.

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