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Monday, 22 October 2018


A daeze laid low in a corner around the brothel, her eyes searching around for Nnenne amongst the people the police had grabbed. When she saw no sign of her, she wondered if Nnenne had left before the police arrived.
Seeing Nnenne's tension had diminished, and the cops had left, he removed his hand from her mouth. His face was hard and unsmiling as he gripped her wrist firmly, taking her out of the corner and away from the brothel through a back route.
Adaeze watched, her face turned red like that of someone trying to hold back laughter, but in this case, hers was the opposite. Ahnahn not again
now ! the police were supposed to catch her here
so that the whole school would think she ' s a
prostitute and withdraw her position , but this
Lanre had to ruin my plan again! she grumbled as she glared at them.
Seeing Lanre's angry appearance, she decided to hold on and watch them a little more, because of the annoyed expression she saw on Lanre's face, at least that gave her a little bit of joy.
Nnenne could feel his anger from the way he dragged her along. When they got to a safe place, he let go of her hand and started to leave but she called out,
"I'm sorry" this got his attention but he remained backing her.
"I swear, I didn't know this place" she explained, her head moving in a blend of tension and hurt.
"I came here because I received a text earlier telling me that some men were seen taking Adaeze from the club to this place. So I rushed here because I feared they would take advantage of her"
Finally Lanre turned with an unexpected anger, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold and hard, for the first time she saw another side of him that she never imagined.
The echo of his voice made her shoulders twitch up in fear as he released his first words.
"You expect me to believe you don't know this place, so how did you get here?!"
He waited impatiently for a reply
"Answer me!!" He roared, but Nnenne couldn't will her lips to move,
"Do you take me for a fool?"
"You're telling me you don't know this place, so how did you get here?!" he repeated, veins popping out his forehead and neck.
"The text contained the address. You can read it by yourself if you doubt me" she explained, tensed and extending her phone but Lanre refused to take it, instead he continued.
"Fine, you got a text! But your common sense should've told you to show it to someone so that they accompany you!"
"Did you think you'd just burst in there and get Adaeze without falling into trouble yourself?! We're talking about MEN here not just one man!"
"What if something happened to you?!"
"You're ready to put yourself at risk for someone who doesn't even think of your own well being!"
"The Adaeze you came to look for, you didn't find, instead you found the police. What if I didn't get here on time? What if they had grabbed you along with the others? Didn't you for once think of your reputation?! He asked all at once, in a sputtering rage.
"I know I don't have a right to interfere in your life, but we're friends whether we're talking or not and it's my duty to protect you but since you don't trust me enough to share your issues with me, I'm done!"
Words left Nnenne as she listened, staring into those brown eyes fuming with anger, the friendship she planned to patch up, she had now totally destroyed.
"Do whatever you want with your life,I don't care anymore!" He concluded and started to leave.
Well , heaven sure knows how to put a smile on
my face. My plan was ruined but at least i
achieved something a whole lot better. Adaeze said to herself, pursing her mouth in a self-satisfying smirk as she left to rejoice.

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