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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Nnenne, unable to watch him leave angrily tried to explain, but he wasn't responding, that was until she tripped over a stone, turning his attention to her immediately as he heard her groan in pain.
He rushed to her quickly while she took pains trying to remove her shoes to look at her feet only to see her big toe nail broken and bleeding. He helped her to the car and they left.
Few minutes later, they arrived at his place. He carried her in and placed her on the couch, then rushed to get a first-aid box from the cupboard.
He came back and took his time to dress up her wound, Nnenne gazed at him affectionately but he refused to look up at her. Perhaps he knew that if he did, she would melt his anger.
When he finished, he headed to the kitchen to wash his hands. Unable to stand the uncomfortable silence, she made up her mind, I wouldn ' t leave
this place until he has forgiven me and I'd only be
sure of that if he smiles like he always does. She followed after him, limping.
While he washed his hands, he lowered the tap, looking back on the earlier incident: how the police would've caught her and especially how the men were touching her.
His lips pressed together in a firm line indicating his jealousy.
"I'm sorry" He heard Nnenne say, in a low tone.
Lanre purposely raised the tap current so he wouldn't hear her clearly. Piqued by his attitude, she approached and turned off the tap. He turned it back on. She turned it off.
Together they struggled till the handle went off, bursting water out like a fountain.
They backed away at once, stared at each other, the water and back at each other in amusement, then in unison, they let out a hearty laughter as the water drenched them.
Their laughter died down slowly when Lanre's gaze focused on her. She felt as if every ounce of breath was taken from her lungs and floated into the air like smoke through a chimney.
She moved her eyes around, nervous. His face. The kitchen. The walls. The cupboard. But they somehow found their way back to his eyes. The white soaked shirt hugging his body was not helping as she gulped saliva in a mixture of anxiety and timidity. He placed one hand on the counter and stretched the other behind her.
He was so close to her now that she could feel the cold emanating from his skin. She watched him with an alloy of surprise, longing, expectation and fear as her hand motioned around his muscular arm and chest in hesitation, unable to decide between touching him or remaining still. She thought to herself
It ' s cold and yet I feel so hot

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