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Friday, 26 October 2018


He stopped. Admired her nervous expression. Stared at her lips and leaned in as though he wanted to kiss her. She shut her eyes, prepping herself for what she thought was coming. Instead, what she felt next was his breathe against her face.
"The main tap was behind you" he pointed out, smirking with his lips hovering over hers as he turned the tap off. It smelt of peppermints and boy, she was left on tenterhooks as he backed away.
"Oh" she breathed and opened her eyes, unconsciously bitting a corner of her lips and announcing her longing as she watched him. His lips mainly.
He observed her one more time with a corner of his mouth quirked up before he went into the bedroom. Through their friendship, they've had moments like this but never this intense and Lanre could tell this time that she felt the spark too.
As if things couldn't get any hotter. He came out shirtless with a folded towel in his right hand. Water furnished his chest like beads and trickled down at the same time. Nnenne gazed at him, her cheeks flushing pink as he moved to her.
He opened the towel and wrapped it around her as he teased coyly with gleaming eyes
"You don't have to drool, I know you like what you see"
Breaking out of her reverie, she cleared her throat as though she had just recollected her pride, then she simpered and pushed him away.
"Keep telling yourself that" she taunted.
He moistened his lips, giving her a once over as she mumbled under her breath he's crazy but a
good kind of crazy .
Nnenne looked at the clock, her eyebrows raised in surprise. She couldn't believe it was already after eleven. She dropped the towel and hurriedly picked up her things, set out to leave with Lanre watching in confusion.
"Where do you think you're going?" He asked.
"Back to the hostel" She said, hugging her bag.
He lowered his head, checked his watch and raised it back up in a split second.
"It's already late, you can sleep here and I'd drop you first thing tomorrow morning"
"Sleep here?" She looked at him, eyes bold in surprise and incertitude.
"Thanks for the offer, but I can't sleep here—"
"—And I can't let you go home this late either, so I guess we both have to disagree to agree" He cut in, protesting
"Besides, you're already wet, you could catch a cold."
"I can take care of myself, thank you" she said, her chin elevated.
"And I don't want to sleep in the house of someone who's angry at me" she pouted her lips, looking away but at the same time watching him from the corner of her eyes. She wanted him to admit he had forgiven her.
He sniggered and rolled his eyes.
"You're such a drama queen" he remarked
"Fine, I'm not mad anymore." Her eyes sparkled in satisfaction.
"Now, please stop being so stubborn, I really don't want anything to happen to you."
She looked at the bedroom, her mind imagining different scenarios: how the night would be. How it would end. Sharing a bed with him. What side of the bed he would sleep on.
Lanre noticing her countenance, proposed
"I'd sleep in the living room and you take the bedroom." She watched him warmly as he went to get a cloth and blanket from his closet.
"Here's my shirt, You can wear this for the night so your clothes can dry." He said, extending it to her.
"Okay" she succumbed and collected the shirt. They beamed with small smiles at each other and called it a day.
They may have gone to bed but sleep was far away as they turned back and forth on the sofa and bed respectively. Finally they faced the ceiling and began reminiscing all the time they had ever spent together. Laughing together. Playing together. Studying together. Getting on each other's nerves. And their twinkling smiles told its story.
The following morning, their ride back to the hostel was awkward, they both spent the time darting quick looks at each other. Nnenne on one hand pondered, trying to convince herself that what happened was normal between friends.
Lanre on the other, reflected back on the kitchen incident, his face and his eyes glowing wondering if she thought the same thing as him.
When they arrived, Nnenne waved nervously and rushed into the hostel, bumping into Adaeze.
"Ahn ahn! What is wrong with you?" Adaeze blurted out, exasperated before she noticed who stood before her.
"Oh It's yo—" she mentioned, noticing the enamored expression on Nnenne's face.
She eyed her suspiciously as she asked,
"Why do you look like a dog that has just been pet by its owner?"
Nnenne didn't answer.
"Answer person na!" She urged, snapping her fingers in Nnenne's face
Nnenne shoulders tweaked as she came back to her consciousness.
Smiling sheepishly, she dragged Adaeze into the room and began sharing the early experience with her not mentioning the name of the boy. Adaeze smiled broadly in joy that finally someone had stolen her attention and she would have Lanre all to herself.
But that was short lived as the next sentence erased the smile off her face.
Nnenne concluded, wringing her fingers and walking to and fro in agitation "I don't understand anything. I've never felt like this in my entire life. When I'm with him, it just feels like everything is in place. You know how it feels floating above water, how peaceful and safe you feel in it. How the wave takes you along with it even when you're not ready to swim. That's exactly how I feel around him."
She breathed and concluded "Maybe I'm exaggerating but, I think I'm in love with Lanre"
Nnenne twirled to Adaeze, who immediately forced a grin as if she had a tape dragging wide the corners of her mouth. She looked at Adaeze, satisfaction clouded her cast, then her phone rang.
"Hello" She answered, pushing a lock of hair behind her hair. Her beaming expression grew dim and tears clouded her bugged eyes as she listened.
"Hello my pikin—child, na Mama Ejima —mother of twins, your neighbor, dey call so. Make you come quick quick oh! them just rush your mama go hospital. Her condition bad well well."

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