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Sunday, 28 October 2018


Nnenne's hand dropped slowly from her ear as her phis remaining despondent. She was too perplexed to scream or react, rather her mind was struggling to process the news and at the same time trying to come up with solution. Failing to do so, it caused her eyes to shimmer with tears.
Adaeze looked at her, fogged, before she rushed into multiple questions.
"What is wrong? What happened? Is everything okay? She asked all at once, her forehead puckering.
She didn't actually care, she just asked to fulfill all righteousness. She had grown to hate Nnenne so much that if she disappeared into thin air any minute, she would be the happiest on earth. She pulled this worried face only because she didn't want to blow her cover.
"My—my—my mother" she stuttered, running her hands through her hair. She was finished, her mother was her life. Her mother was everything to her and hearing this news deaden her heart with fear.
If she lost her mother then her life would come to an end as well. She would only be living because she's breathing and nothing more.
"My mother is in the hospital"
"Ada I'm finished!
"I don't even have money to go back home"
"What have I done to deserve this" she sobbed into Adaeze's arms.
Adaeze tried to calm her down but the fact that she cried further irritated her even more. You
deserve worse than this ! Cry all you want , it gives
me immense joy seeing you like this . Looks like
heaven is paying you back on my behalf . Your
mum can die for all I care . She thought to herself as she eyed Nnenne.
Another thought jumped into her head. But if I do
give her money she ' d get to go back home and I ' d
finally be able to get close to Lanre . She wouldn' t
be standing like a pillar between us for atleast two
days and I ' d make sure to make good use of this
time so that he will realize what he ' s missing. She smiled slyly, wobbling her head
"Don't cry please, nothing will happen to your mum as far as I'm here." She assured, wiping Nnenne's tears. Then she went to get money from her bag
"Take this 10,000 and run home"
"When you find out the situation, just flash me and I'd call you back immediately so we can think of how to resolve it." She said as she placed the money in her hand and wiped her tears again.
Nnenne thanked Adaeze. She at the same time begged her to follow her to the village as she felt she would need the support of a friend, but Adaeze refused with the excuse that she had some projects she needed to finish before their deadline.
Nnenne felt she had helped enough by giving her money, so she didn't press on. She rushed off alone.
Immediately she closed the door behind her, Adaeze let out an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes in mockery "See am. She go take secretary position, meanwhile shishi? she no get." she remarked, hissing.
All through the ride back to the village, Nnenne was praying in her heart. He was all she had hope on all her life. He was who got her through the good and hard times. She thought back to when she lost her father but she made sure not to even harbor the thought of loosing her mother.

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