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Tuesday, 30 October 2018


That was because she knew her mum was her strength and being without her was not an option.
When Nnenne got to the village park, she didn't bother going home. All she wanted, was to see her mother first, so she called her neighbor, who directed her straight to the hospital.
She batched into the hospital like a mad person, panting and sweating like someone on the run from the police, even the nurses were puzzled, looking at her.
"Ebere George was admitted here, please what room is she?" She asked, hitting the counter softly yet rapidly.
"Calm down ma, let me check" the nurse advised as she glance through the hospital records. Nnenne waited, eagerly.
"Room 14"
"It's the third door on the left of the second floor" she informed, pointing to the staircase. Nnenne dashed upstairs and into the hospital room. Her mums head turned to her, reacting to the sound of the door.
Nnenne's countenance clouded over as she stood at the door looking at her mother. Her mum smiled wearily at her as though it was her last strength she was using. She scurried to her, her hand locked with her mothers as soon as she sat on the chair by the bed.
"Mama I told you to let me stay and take care of you but you refused. Now look what has happened, you're in the hospital" she whined with mist of tears forming in her eyes.
Her mum was about speaking when the doctor came in. His expression was straight as he requested to have a word with Nnenne in his office. She wiped her tears, patted her mum's hand and followed after with fear of what could be wrong with her mother.
The doctors head lifted up, looking towards the door, it was Nnenne.
"Have a sit" he offered, directing to the chair before his table.
Nnenne walked in and sat down quickly. With her mind being so occupied, she forgot to greet him instead she just hurried into a question.
"What is wrong with my mother sir? Is she going to be fine? I hope it's not a serious matter?"
"Miss, your mother has a ruptured appendix and if we don't conduct an operation as soon as possible then I'm afraid she could loose her life."
Nnenne's face went colorless as tension clouded her eyes.
"How long are we talking about here sir?"
"About 3 to 4 days—"
"Ah! what are you waiting for sir?! Start the operation immediately!"
"I'm sorry miss. We don't do things like that, there are procedures."
"With all due respect sir, what kind of procedures are you talking about here? My mother's life is in danger and you're talking about procedures instead of saving her life first" She asked, agitated.
"This is not my hospital madam, I work for the government so the formalities are very important. Because of the urgency of your mothers condition, We already placed her in a comfortable room, conducted a lot of test and gave her some treatment to arrest the situation for a while, without any deposit. I'm sorry, but that's how far we can go."
She scratched her head as she replied,eagerly.
"Okay sir. Thank you sir. I'm grateful sir. Please sir what's next?"
"First you have to pay a sum of one hundred and fifty two thousand, five hundred naira"
"150 gini???—what????" She asked with her eyes, nose and mouths wide in shock and confusion.
"Where would I get that kind of money from? my mum is just a petty trader and I'm only a student."
"Sir, please have mercy. Don't let my mum die. I beg you, please do something" she pleaded, tears shimmering in her eyes.
"I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. You have to pay the money in order for the operation to take place." He insisted

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