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Tuesday, 2 October 2018


T wo years later, Nnenne was carried away in a novel, while walking to the library. She was walking rather quickly and lost deep in the book, she didn't even seem to notice the people around her.
She looked up to see a boy, at least an inch before her, blocking her path, her eyes widened as her feet tripped over his. Her book fell to the floor.
"Woah, I'm so sorry I-" He rushed into an apology as his hands wrapped around Nnenne's waist and held her there, safe from falling, their eyes met for a moment as she studied him.
He wore a white short sleeved shirt—tucked in and buttoned half way, it showcased his buff chest that was adorned with a gold chain around his neck. He had on a black leather bracelet and black trousers. However, he got better the more she looked.
His 360 wave faded hair cut was perfectly lined, along with his trimmed and connected full beard. He had strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, it could be unlawful.
And then his eyes—they were deep and catastrophic, the light brown color was soft, the exact shade of a latte. A ring of gold hung inside his iris, adding another layer of depth to his already captivating eyes. He had distinct cheekbones and an angular jaw, his glowing nutmeg skin made him look devilishly handsome.
Nnenne forced herself to look away as her cheeks flushed bright red. He pulled her back up and picked up her book
"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking" he apologized, handing her book to her.
"It's fine" she said, lowering her head as she collected the book.
"That's a nice book by the way"
"Thanks" she glanced at him, smiled softly and walked away quickly. He scanned her as she walked away.
After lectures in the afternoon, it was raining heavily. Nnenne stood in front of the lecture building, under a pillar that shielded her from the rain. She was waiting for the rain to subside, but it got worse. She stood, folding her arms and watching the rain.
The boy spotted her on his way down from his lecture hall. He approached her
"Hi" He greeted
She turned her head to see the familiar face she had encountered earlier.
"Hi" she replied, smiling
"No need to stand in a corner"
"I could drop you off" he proposed
"No, don't bother." she glimpsed at him
"Thank you"
"I don't bite, if that's what you're worried about"
"Pls, let me just help you" he insisted with a warm smile.
She studied him, her eyes unsteady.
"Okay" she complied
He smiled and said,
"Hold on here let me get my car, so you don't have to walk under the rain"
A few seconds after, he pulled up in a matte black Porsche 918, He walked out the car with an umbrella, led her under the umbrella to the passenger side and opened the door for her to enter.
All this while, Nnenne stared, wide eyed. They chatted as he drove, although she was distracted by the luxurious car interior. She felt like she was seated in gold.
By the time they got to the hostel, the rain had stopped. He stopped in front of her hostel,
"Thank you for the ride" she said, with a shy smile.
"Sure" he nodded
She was about walking away when he called out
"You never told me your name"
She grinned
"I'm Lanre" he licked his lips and continued
"It was nice bumping into you" he smiled handsomely.
Nnenne beamed, her head lowered, looking at the piled books she was carrying.
"Can we get a drink?" He asked,
"It's already late, I can't go anywhere today" she replied
"It doesn't have to be today, it can be some other time"
She looked warmly at him
"Sure, anytime" she agreed, her mouth curved into a smile
"Thanks again" she walked away.
Lanre watched her walk into the hostel before he drove off.
Adaeze watched them from the veranda but she fled into the room when she heard Nnenne's footsteps approaching, pretending to be ironing.
Nnenne walked in smiling to herself sheepishly while Adaeze watched, quizzically. She dropped the iron
"Are you high?" She asked, raising an eyebrow
"Ehn?" Nnenne jerked back to herself
"I said are you high?" She asked, one hand on her hip.
"Which kind stupid question be that?" Nnenne asked, defensively.
"No vex, I just dey wonder how you gree make person drop you for your right mind"
"You know say you be Virgin Mary 2.0 " she teased
"Something dey worry you" Nnenne snickered and continued
"Rain was falling so he offered to drop me..I don't think there's any harm in that"
"Em car make sense sha. Who is he?" She asked.
Nnenne raised a brow at her as if to say she had come again with her prying when it comes to men.
"I'm just asking na" Adaeze said, defensively
Nnenne sighed and answered
"His name is Lanre"
The name left Adaeze gaping at her.
He was the guy she had had her eyes on for two years, since she met him at the cafeteria and they got along really well.
She pulled her jaw back together and continued
"He's one of the most popular guys on campus, he's dad is rich as fuck but that doesn't affect his character because he's very studious and smart." She explained quickly, the words gushing out her mouth like an overflowing tank.
"I hear he's even running for SUG president. And I know he's going to win."
All the while Nnenne stared at her, her lips partially open. As soon as Adaeze finished speaking, she asked,
"How do you know all this?"
"I have my sources, it's a thing of mine to know about the popular people on campus"
"That aside, what happened, what did he say to you?" She asked, her eyes flashing as she led Nnenne and herself to sit down on the bed.
"Nothing much" she shrugged.
"We just talked about school" Adaeze continued to stare, longingly
"Oh and he said something about having a drink together sometime" she explained.
Hearing the last sentence, a spasm of insecurity contorted Adaeze's face. She looked deep in thought:
"Earth to Adaeze!" Nnenne yelled, as she snapped her fingers together.
Adaeze quickly forced a smile and asked,
"So when's the date "
"It's not a date" she pointed out, defensively and continued
"Plus he didn't get my number, so I don't know" Nnenne mentioned indifferently as she arranged her books and changed into her pajamas.

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