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Thursday, 4 October 2018


A ll through the night Adaeze was restless, she kept staring curiously at Nnenne, who was fast asleep, smiling like a baby. Adaeze thought to herself I just hope it was a casual meeting. This
one she ' s smiling like this , I just hope it' s not
what I ' m thinking .
She hissed, wobbled her head and thought again.
No ! just to be safe, I ' d go tomorrow and find out
for myself ".
As early as 6 a.m the next morning, Adaeze rushed to class hoping to bump into Lanre. Nnenne didn't have early lectures so she was still sound asleep.
Adaeze got to the lecture building and began parading herself around like a housefly buzzing around in search of food.
Finally, her wish came through and he spotted her as he was passing by to his lecture hall.
"Ah! Ada how are you?" He greeted.
Her pupils enlarged and a broad smile covered her face. She whipped her head around, seductively. Pretending to be surprised, she asked
"Lanre, are you still in this school?"
"Did you look for me and you didn't find me?" He asked, sarcastically and continued
"I've just been busy that's all"
"I know you've been busy with the campaign preparations."
"Remember I have interest in the secretary position oh" She reminded.
"Just pray that I win" he replied with a half-shrug
"You know you've already won, so there's no need to disturb God" she simpered and continued sharply.
"Ehn! I saw you dropping somebody at my hostel yesterday"
"She's roommate" she pointed out
"Really? that's nice" Lanre said
She rubbed her palms together and asked right away,
"So what do you think about her?" She winked
"What kind of question is that?" He jerked his brows up, expostulated as he put his hand in his pocket.
"Don't be angry, you know it's impossible for you men to see a fine girl and not hit on her" she teased.
"Well, I'm not one of them" he protested
"It was raining so I just offered her a ride"
"That's wonderful of you" she praised, twirling a lock of hair around her finger and batting her eyelashes.
"Okay, let me get to class. Take care" she tapped his shoulder.
Relieved of her curiosity, she walked away, trying to get his attention using her waist movement.
Lanre remained standing, his hand in his pocket as he thought to himself I hope what my guys have
been saying about Adaeze isn ' t true. And if indeed
it is , I just hope she wouldn' t influence that
innocent girl . Just to be sure , I ' d keep my eyes on
Nnenne, just as I would my sister.
Nnenne woke up and went to the cafeteria for lunch. She approached the counter.
"Good afternoon" she greeted
"Good afternoon miss, what would you like to have?"
"I'd have jollof rice and fried plantain please" she replied
The waiter placed the food on the counter towards Nnenne. She fiddled her purse trying to remove money to pay when she heard a deep voice beside her, that said to the waiter,
"Pls add that to my bill"
Surprised, she raised her chin to see it was Lanre, grinning at her. She returned the smile softly and said
"Thank you"
"It's not a problem" he smirked
"Can I sit with you?"
She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, glanced at him and said,
"Sure" her pupils quavering.
They sat down and ate as they talked.
"So what year are you in now?" He asked, shuffling the rice and stew together.
"Year 3" she replied
"That's great. What course are you studying?"
"Civil engineering"
"How about you?" She asked
"Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering."
"That's really great" Nnenne complimented.
All this while her head remained lowered to her food plate. She only lifted her head up to answer his questions with quick glances. She acted like this until he asked:
"So what peaked your interest to go for that course?"
Nnenne looked up at him, as she began to speak rapidly with so much excitement and confidence like a bird committing itself to the air or a great fish to the deep.
Talking about her career was her soft spot, she found great joy in studying not just for herself but for her widowed mother.
"I chose to study engineering because I know it would be a lot of fun! She dropped her cutlery and continued
"Engineering solves the most poignant of our complications in the world, like creating clean energy and many more. Engineers continually change the world with inventions and solutions that affect every individuals life. They get to imagine the coolest contraptions and then they experience the joy of going into the lab to actually bring them to reality." She gestured as she continued.
Lanre stared at her, unblinking in awe, the respect he held for her grew like a grain in a wood. Studying her further, he noticed the way her eyes beamed with every sentence, her dimpled smile grew with every gesture. He found her intelligence captivating.
"I am still learning everyday about what makes the world click, like how television screens form an image or how air bags know exactly when to inflate. They use materials surrounding them in the world to communicate long distances or visualize an atom, which sounds a lot like magic. Engineers are like the magicians of the public; everyone wants them to fix problems but no one is quite sure how they came up with the solution. I want to get to create things every day. One day, I believe I'd contribute to the creation of something that can help change the world, and that's why I'm studying engineering." She concluded as her eyes met his focused gaze.
Her blush burned through her cheeks and her face felt like a hot oven. She suddenly felt awkward and she looked away, trying to avert his gaze.
"I'm sorry. I bored you to death" she said, lowering her head yet again to the table
"No. On the contrary, I'm impressed. Your intelligence and dedication is amazing" he revealed
She looked up at him and smiled,
"Thank you"
The corners of his mouth turned up as he continued
"So how much interest do you have in politics?"
"Not much" she answered, wobbling her head
"Do you know anything about school politics?"
"Nothing at all" she replied, lifting her shoulders in a dismissive shrug.
"I think you're underestimating yourself a little too much" he mentioned, looking warmly at her as he thought to himself that she had great potential for the secretary position if he did win.
Nnenne placed her cutlery in the empty plate.
"Thanks for lunch, but I have to go now" she said and stood up.
"Sure, let me drop you off" he offered
Nnenne smiled and nodded in agreement.
As they got to the hostel, he made sure to ask her for her contact this time. After they exchanged contacts, Nnenne opened the door, she was about coming down when he said,
"It was really nice getting to know you, I had a great time"
"Same here" she replied with a shy smile as she came down and closed the door after her.

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