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Monday, 8 October 2018


A daeze, feeling betrayed, went searching for Lanre. She found him at the tennis court, playing table tennis with his best friend, Clarence. She proceeded to confront him, but she hesitated when she heard Nnenne's name in their conversation.
She laid low in a corner and eavesdropped.
"Bro, I've been noticing your closeness with that Nnenne girl" Clarence said, as he tossed the ball with the racket.
"The closeness don comot for gear oh, you no go update your boy?
"Update wetin? You be phone?" Lanre mocked
"There's no big deal to our closeness, she's just a friend"
"You've started keeping things from me abi? He eyed him suspiciously.
"Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about approaching her for a while now..."
"You know, to tell her how I feel—" he said, blushing like a toddler who has just been handed sweets.
Lanre glared at Clarence straight-faced and cut in, his tone sharp.
"—Clare, don't try it! In fact, no even imagine am!"
"Ahh what is your issue?" Clarance pretended to be confused
"I don tell you my own, no go that side!" Lanre repeated himself, with a more serious face.
"Just forget it. Period!"
"See yourself! Haven't I caught you now?" He ridiculed.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Lanre asked, brows knitted.
Clarance threw the ball in the air and answered
"If you really saw her as an ordinary friend, you wouldn't be bothered if someone hits on her"
"There's nothing to it" Lanre shrugged.
"I'm just protecting her from dangerous guys like you" He taunted and they chuckled, heartily.
"See mumu, keep deceiving yourself" Clarence teased.
Adaeze watched as Lanre smiled to himself and she was demoralized.
Filled with fear, she thought to herself what is so
special about this girl anyway ?! What does she
have that I don ' t! she ' s not rich , yet she has
everyone wrapped around her little finger!
Everyone is just deceived by her fake innocence !
She stiffened her face and continued
You may have fooled everyone Nnenne, but I won ' t
fall for this charade of yours, neither would I sit
back and let you steal everything I ' ve worked so
hard for !
She stumped her feet and left angrily to the hostel.
It was a bright Monday morning, everyone was gathered at the hall for the election. Students showed their identity cards and were directed to the different polling booths to cast their votes for their candidates.
It was a peaceful election and Lanre was declared the winner. Different officials walked up to Lanre and Nnenne, his campaign manager, congratulating them on their victory.
Seeing Nnenne receive so much praise from everyone, Lanre especially, Adaeze felt worthless, like she didn't exist. She decided to leave.
Trying to escape the function, a friend of hers approached her:
"Adaeze, your roommate is really blessed. I mean, you're very favored to have a friend like her. She has everything, from brains to discipline. She's truly one of a kind." Adaeze looked at her.
Her once fiery eyes, now looked like they had dowsed with ice water, if anything it made the brown more wishy-washy.
Her friend wobbled her head and proceeded.
"Although, I must say I'm surprised. You're dreams have always been to gain popularity, so what happened?" She paused, thoughtful, she went on.
"It's strange because you wished for it like your life depended on it, but look, Nnenne who has never thought of it, had it on a platter of gold."
She shook her head, took a deep breath and continued.
"I've noticed you're not as wild and energetic as you've always been, but instead you carry yourself like you've lost in life. I don't know why, but I just want to let you know that you should never stop dreaming and as you dream, do all you can to achieve it. I want to see that wide smile on your face and that twinkle you've always had in your eyes." She encouraged, her hand placed on Adaeze's shoulders.
"Take care of yourself Ada" She concluded.
Adaeze, finding new hope in her friends words, smiled broadly to herself, her eyes wet as she watched her friend walk away. She made a decision in her heart not to let anything stop her from making her dreams a reality.
She was ready, not just to play the game, but to emerge a winner, by hook or crook.
She gazed at Lanre and Nnenne one last time and left the function hall. After everything, Nnenne returned to the hostel, fagged out, she fell asleep quickly.
With so much enthusiasm, Adaeze tapped Nnenne awake. She woke up suddenly, every thought in high definition. Her eyes trying to take in every ray of light, she saw Adaeze's smiling face right before her.
"What happened?" She mumbled sleepily
Adaeze holding her laptop sat beside her, eagerly:
"Look here!!! you've been listed among Lanre's delegates!"
"See! it's on the school blog!" she nodded, turning the screen to face Nnenne.
Nnenne picked up her glasses by the corner of her bed, put them on and viewed the website. She grinned softly, Adaeze watching her.
"Why didn't you tell me you had accepted?" Adaeze asked, but she cut in again as Nnenne was about to answer.
"Anyway, that's not important!" She waved her hand as if to dismiss the topic.
"We have to go out! You need to celebrate this!"
"My friend is the secretary of the SUG!!" She squealed.
Nnenne beamed softly,
"But can't we celebrate here, I don't feel like going anyway. I'm so tired" she protested
"Com'n now! I've always let you have your way each time I offered. This time, I'm not taking no for an answer!"
"No matter what you say!" Adaeze insisted, holding out her index finger.
"I don't have that kind of money to spend or spare"
"Don't worry about that, I would handle everything" she pointed out
"Uhhhhh!" Nnenne groaned.
After much pleading, Nnenne complied and they rushed to get prepared. They explored the salon, the mall and many more places.
At about 8 pm in the evening, Lanre needed Nnenne's help to prepare some school paperwork. He called many times, but she didn't pick. Worried, he went off in search of her.

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