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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


Lanre stood helpless in Lenox plaza, running through the list of places Nnenne could be in his mind, checking off the ones he had already searched.
Walking through the parking lot to his car, his friend addressed him;
"Guy! Your here and your secretary is wilding out in the club!" He informed, panting like he just ran a mile.
Lanre's eyes went wide with fear, his face washed blank with shock and confusion, like his brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in the information.
"Wh—wh—wh—whichhhhh club?" He asked, stammering.
"Equinox Lou—" Lanre not ready to wait and hear the rest of his words, fled as fast as a speed of light to make sure Nnenne was alright.
Having arrived, Lanre rushed into the club. Inside the club, colored lights flickered like an aurora. Underneath the frosty fog twisted a display of dangerous reds, baby blues, lustrous purples and greenish yellows. The music played over and around the dance floor like it was one with the various bodies.
He watched as people gathered in a circle in the middle of the dance floor, holding their phones up to record as they chanted
"Take your dress offf!!!"
Lanre squeezed through the crowd , his eyes darting more wildly with each passing second, noticing any slim thick curvy girl, hoping it was her figure. He got to the front of the gathering and the image before his eyes stunned him.
Nnenne stood in the middle of the dance floor, swaying in different directions like she had too much to drink. She was twisting, whining, approaching guys and twirling herself around with their hands.
She was all grins, looking like an idiot and she didn't care. She left herself to feel the vibe of the music and let her body go free. She circled her jacket in the air, nodding her head in rhythm to the thumping music.
Her short tight tube gown was unzipping, and it showcased her breast. Lanre hurried and stood in front of her, he covered her, staring around, trying to spot those videoing.
He immediately wrapped his arms around her and zipped her dress back up, despite her struggling.
He attempted to led her away from the dance floor but she resisted.
"Leave me alone!" She mumbled, pushing him away. She staggered, her legs wobbling like a toddler.
He stretched out his arms yet again to protect her from falling but still, she shoved him off.
"Stop this! Let's go!" He said, holding her hands
She struggled off and continued
"I wanna dance! Let me dance!" She pleaded, struggling to loosen from his grip.
He pulled her closer and their eyes locked for a moment, even in a drunken state, his eyes still captivated her.
He released his grip and looked away, not wanting to get lost in her eyes.
"Can't a girl have fun anymore—" she said, her step faltering as she placed her hand on her forehead, Lanre watched muddled and scared.
Nnenne's eyesight blurred, everything became fuzzy. Then with one step, she crumpled in Lanre's arms like a marionette suddenly released of their cords.
Lanre picked her up and placed her comfortably in his car. He went back in to make sure everyone deleted the videos they had of Nnenne before leaving.
Lanre drove to his condominium, a place he went to once in a while to be alone. It was on the last floor of a tall luxurious building. Nnenne's head rested comfortably on Lanre's shoulders, sleeping soundly as he carried her in.
He took her to the bedroom. Heavy brown drapes hung from the ceilings framing the entire room. While red silky pillows and sheets provided a dangerous polarity against the dark blankets.
Bronze lamps shaped like traditional water pots, adorned the bedside tables as well as around the nearby couch. A brown colored glass entertainment center with a wide screen faced the bed.
Lanre placed Nnenne carefully on the bed. He gazed emotionally at her, tucking a lock of her hair away from her face. Ready to leave, he tried to remove his hand from under her head, being careful not to wake her.
Instead, his free hand touched hers, causing Nnenne to grip his hand tightly like an infant, as she twirled her head to face the ceiling. Their faces were so close now that he could feel her breath on his face.
He watched her with soft eyes as he struggled to release his hand from her grip. Successful, he held her hand for a moment before placing it on her stomach.
Watching her, he found himself drawing closer, he was about to place an innocent kiss on her cheek but a confused thought stopped him.
He backed away, scanning her once more as he thought to himself What is happening to me ? then, he covered her up with a blanket and retired to sleep on the couch.

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