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Monday, 15 October 2018


I signed my name down and left, angrily.
I entered the class and all eyes were on me. I was used to it already, so I didn't mind.
"Hmm...fashionista!" Victor, a friend of mine, hailed me. "Where are you going that you are dressed like this?"
"Lesson of course." I answered curtly, stating the obvious.
"And you are dressed like this. Wonders shall never end." He folded his arms around his chest and stood at the front of me.
" Abeg , go joor!" I went to a seat at the third row, and dropped my bag on the chair. I wasn't ready to sit yet, so I went to greet some of my friends.
"Prevailer, good morning." I touched his back. He was so engrossed in what he was playing, that he didn't bother looking at me.
"Prevailer." I took the phone from his hand just to get his attention.
"Wait, so because you've worn your Christmas cloth now, you won't let somebody rest." He said, humorously.
Prevailer was like the closest friend I had, though Joy is the closest. He was a very funny and lively person, one could never be with him and found him less interesting. He was down to earth and didn't care about what people would say or think about him. He was the comedian in our class and he was loved by everyone, including the teachers. However, he wasn't so brilliant. Let's just say, he was an average student or less. But he wasn't dumb, like Wema.
"Haha, you are not well. So how was your night?" I sat beside him and handed over his phone to him.
"My night was sweet. I dreamt about you." He joked.
" tell me what you dreamt about me?" I played along with him, since he requested for it.
"I dreamt that.." He trailed off and looked at me. "Should I tell you?"
"Of course, why not. I mean, it's me you dreamt about, not any one else. So you just have to tell me." I smiled mischievously.
"Haha, see her face. She wants to here what I dreamt about. Aproko ! I won't tell you." He turned back to his phone to continue playing his game. "You see now, I've failed."
"That's good for you." I sticked my tongues out, like babies would do.
It was break time. I was alone sitting on the chair, fiddling with my phone. Joy wasn't around, so I was forced not to go for break. I was fond of Joy going with me for break. But because today she wasn't around, I couldn't go alone. I was a very shy person.
"Listen everybody!" Chuka stood in front of the class, with Benjamin beside him. Luckily for me, I was sitting in the front seat, alone, which possibly, they would notice me in a blink of an eye.
"This Saturday is Benji's birthday. So all of you are highly welcomed, mostly the girls. In fact, if a guy attends the party, he would pay five hundred naira, but for the girls, it's free!" Chuka said.
"Ahah why? Yes! Happy birthday dear. For what
reason? What sort of rubbish is this? Oga, go and
sleep joor! We no dey attend.." Those were the voices of the students, hollering in the class after Chuka's statement. The girls were elated while the guys were displeased.
Me being a cunning person, I was just quiet and pretending not to listen to whatever he just said. I placed a book in front of me, deceiving myself to be engrossed in what I was reading.
"Hey!" Someone said in front of me. Either it was Chuka or Benjamin, I didn't know who it was, but it made my heart beat. However, I didn't stop my reading pretence.
"Ruby." The person placed his hands on my book. Looking at the complexion of the person's hand, I knew it was Chuka and that made me a little relieve. I raised my head up to face him, squarely, but both their eyes were already on me. I didn't know what to do or say at the moment. I was dumbfounded.
"So are you gonna come for his party," Chuka pointed at Benji, with his arm around his shoulders. "On Saturday?"
"Uhm..I'm not sure. I'm always very busy on Saturdays." I lied.
But come to think of it, I was always busy on Saturdays because I do my morning chores and I'm likely to finish it late. It doesn't end there. I also go to church for rehearsals, and I can't sacrifice that for someone's party.
"Why? Or, you are lying."
"Why would I lie about me being busy? I'm really busy on Saturdays. Besides, I don't know where he lives." I pointed at him, but didn't look at him. I didn't even sneak glances at him. I disregarded him.
"Ah! You don't know where this fresh boy is living." Chuka hailed him. Why would I know? Is
he some sort of a celebrity? Pfft!
"See, Benjamin is not a small boy. This Benji you are seeing, has two iPhones and a tab. His father is stinkingly rich." Thank God you said his father
and not him. I rolled my eyes at the way he was hyping Benjamin. I looked at Benji and he was just quiet, staring at me back and smiling. Why is this
one smiling? Stop smiling oh. You have no idea of how cute you are when you smile.
"Okay." That was all I said after Chuka's bragging about Benji.
"Okay? Don't you like him? Fine boy like this." Chuka gave me a teasing look.
What! That cut me unaware. "What?!" I let it out. "How can I like him? I barely even know him!" I retorted.
"Calm down. Person cannot play with you again.
Chai, na wa o ." Benjamin chuckled at Chuka's statement.
"Well, if that was a joke, I didn't find it funny!" I bawled, making them astonished at my outraging temper.
They stayed mute for some minutes and definitely flabbergasted by the tone I laced out. Benji finally decided to speak up, so as to break the silence that erupted.
"Chuka, let's just go. Why are we wasting out time here?" He sounded disappointed and angry.
Before I could blink my eyes, they had left, angrily.
To be sincere, I felt bad that I treated them in such manner and I immediately regretted it. I didn't know what came over me. I guess I was still annoyed with what Benjamin did to me, earlier.
I think I'm beginning to have a crush on him.
* * * *
- Do you think she's going to go to the party on
- Do you think Benji likes her, and why?
- What do you think is gonna happen after the
treatment Ruby gave to them?
- Is the story getting interesting or boring.
Your response count a lot.

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