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Wednesday, 17 October 2018


It was another day of discomfort in the lesson, probably, because of the unforgivable and regrettable thing I did yesterday to Benjamin and Chuka.
After what I did yesterday, neither of them spared me a glance nor talked to me, not like they do talk to me anyways, and that made me a bit worried. Because on a norm, Chuka, would bid me 'bye' before leaving or when I'm leaving.
I guess what I did got to them and in lieu of me apologising, I decided to withdraw and act nonchalantly.
"Ruby, what's the matter? You seem not yourself today." Joy snapped me out of my thought.
"Cliché, cliché, cliché anyone won't say that." Joy paused for a while and gazed at me. "You know you can talk to me." She said in a sympathetic tone.
I nodded. "Of course I know."
"O..kay." I sighed. "It's really nothing to bother about."
"But you are bothered right? So why shouldn't I be bothered?"
"Because it's not serious. It's too little to worry and tell about, not even like a mustard seed."
"Okay, if you say so. You know me now, I won't stress it."
"So are you coming for Benji's birthday party on Saturday?" Joy asked after a brief silence.
"Are you going?" I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Why not! See you, I just can't miss it for anything in this world. Did I tell you?" Joy voice mellowed down a bit. I was eager to hear whatever she had to say. "I have a crush on Benji."
"What!?" My voice came out loud, unexpectedly. To say I wasn't astonished would be a big fat lie.
"Shhh..calm down!" Joy covered my mouth, fully. "What's wrong with you? Is this your first time hearing that someone has a crush on a guy?"
Only if she knew, she wouldn't spill this gibberish out of her mouth.
"It's obviously not my first time, neither is it my fourth time!"
"Then why did you scream in such way?"
"I..I..." I thought of the pick up line to say. "So..does he know? I diverted.
"Hmm..well," I could see her eyes glowing and she was smiling immensely, which ignited a bit of jealousy in me. "I'm not sure he does." Thank
goodness. "But, I'll let him know, by all means!"
"Yea. So are we going for break?"
"No, I've lost my appetite." I lied. I didn't want to go with her because of what she told me.
"It's every time you'll be losing your appetite."
I rolled my eyes and sent her dismissal.
The break period was over and everyone was in the class, seated. The noise of the students percolated in the class because of the absence of the subject teacher. This time, I wasn't excluded, I also contributed to the noise.
As the noise continued, Chuka went to the front of the class and suggested we play a game, which he mentioned was truth and dare. I must tell, he was a confident being.

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