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Friday, 19 October 2018


Most people agreed to it, only a few declined and I was part of the few ones. I hated the game from the depth of my heart, because the last time I played it in Benson's college, I was asked to pull my skirt down which I didn't find funny. I had to anyways, or I was going to pay one thousand naira, which I didn't have.
"..and everyone is gonna play." Chuka glared at me. This one that he is sending me murderous
looks. I ain't playing. "So, let the game begin." And he kept glaring at me.
"Sorry please," I raised my hands to speak. All attention drew to me. I didn't care because I was forming an American accent and that boosted my courage. "Is it necessary we indulge ourselves in such activity he brought up." Emphasis were laid on the word he.
"What activity, precisely?" A girl named Amaka asked, in a British accent.
Amaka was a girl who lived in London for umpteen years now, probably from birth till date. Although, her dad was Nigerian who went to London and got married to her mum, who was from London.
Amaka spoke English fluently and I couldn't agree less, she was pretty good in it. She was an interesting personality and an intimidating one too. To be truthful, I never dreamt of talking to her not until now. However, I admired her for who she was. Lest I forget, she was blunt.
"The so called truth and dare game he brought up." I disregarded Chuka.
"And we ain't indulging ourselves in any game, like you said. We are only occupying ourselves, so to speak, with something to keep us from boredom since our teacher is not around. And also, to decrease the amount of noise erupting in the class." Amaka spoke eloquently.
"Well, I feel this would only cause more noise." I attacked. It almost looked as if we were arguing. The students stayed mute and stared at both of us. "And even though the noise is being decreased, that doesn't imply we all play the game. I for instance, am not interesting, I don't know about any other person."
"Well, sorry to burst your bubble, no one is forcing any one to play the game. If you're interested, you go for it, if you're not, then just shut up. Because if the interested ones were to be forcing the uninterested folks, then that would only be Hocus-Pocus and injustice!" Amaka said, bluntly.
I disliked her already. She was too rude for my liking.
"And who's taking about forcing, and injustice, you say?" I was seethe. "You know what, when next this girl here is talking," I regarded myself. "Never ever, open your mouth." I stood up abruptly and went to the other class which was empty.
I made a mental note never to speak with Amaka, no matter what the circumstances maybe. She was too rude to me and I lost all interest in her.
It was closing hour and we all marched to our various homes. The weather was sultry. I wanted to get home as soon as possible. I didn't go home with any one. I went alone, still mad at the event that happened today.
I arrived at my sweet abode, where I find tranquillity.
"You're home early today." Rachel said, immediately I got in. So she noticed.
"Yeah I am." I said, dryly.
"Hope nothing worse happened today, because last I remember, you and the guy you referred to as your undefined crush, had a misunderstanding." Yeah, I do tell Rachel everything. She was the only person I could share my secret with, so I had to.
"This is even worse."
"So gist me." She clapped her hands like she had just received a present from her boyfriend.
"See Rachel, me I'm tired." I climbed up to the room and slammed the door. I tossed my school bag on my bed and laid flat on the bed.
"What a day!" I sighed. I immediately took my phone from my bag, turned on my data connection and clicked on Facebook. I checked my likes for the pic I uploaded yesterday and it was two hundred and ninety one likes, I smiled to myself. I checked all the comments and giggled at some but replied to all comments.
I checked how many friend request I had and it was twenty three. Ah! Na wa oh. Yesterday I
accepted fifteen today now, is twenty three. Abeg,
I would accept them later. But what if it piles up?
Okay, let me just accept them now.
I started accepting all of the friend requests. When I reached the last one, the person's name I saw made my heart fly to my head. Different feelings started barging in. I felt nauseated, then it flew to excitement, later an unexplained feeling. I wasn't settled a bit. It can't be!
I clicked on the person's name to view the profile, I checked the profile pic. Lo and behold, it was him!
* * * *

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