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Sunday, 21 October 2018


*I walk on water, but only when it freezes, cause I
ain't no Jesus!* Best statement I've heard since
this year begun.
* * * *
It was him!
I was hyperventilating. I didn't know if I should accept his friend request or decline it, but that would be unfair on his part and immature on my part, being to the fact that I accepted all the friend requests and then decline his.
I checked his profile picture just to be certain it was him, and it dawned on me it was him. It was Chuka!
I accepted his friend request and I decided to do the most insensitive thing ever - to stalk him. I checked his mobile uploads and he was really slaying in every damn pictures. He actually looked good in pictures than in person. One would even think he was a snob and a very rich dude, which probably he might be, cause I didn't know his family status.
I checked the friends he had and I saw my knight in shining armor. My dream boy. My crush. My Benjamin. All I could do at the moment was to fantasise about him.
I did the same thing for Benjamin - stalk him. I checked his profile pic and I must confess, he was looking so handsome. His pink lip even revealed more. However, he was more handsome in person than in pictures. Nevertheless, he was also very cute in pictures.
As I kept stalking him, a voice told me to send him a friend request since he was my dream boy, but pride wouldn't let me.
I kept stalking him. I even went as far as to reading his comments. Some were funny, some pang a feeling of jealousy, while some made me go 'awwn'. I was acting like a clingy being reading all of his comments. He was really a nice person replying almost all of them.
I kept stalking him until I didn't know when I sent him a friend request.
Shit! That was a mistake, and he's even online?!
I tried deleting it, but it couldn't. I went back to my profile and to my surprise, he had accepted it.
Wow, swift!
Immediately, I turned off my data connection and my phone so in case he sent me a message, I wouldn't see it yet, (that if he would send me a message). I plugged my phone in its charging point and laid down on my bed, fantasising about him.
"Ruby!" Rachel barged into the room, interrupting me from my fantasy. I jolted at the sound of her voice.
"What!" I shrilled.
"Do you think I would forget? You've gat to gist me."
"So that's why you're exclaiming!"
I noticed her relaxing a bit, probably feeling guilty.
"Okay, gist me." Rachel said, with the calmest voice she could use. I for one, knew that she didn't mean the calm voice she used for me, so I decided to piss her off.
"Gist you about what? I can't remember saying I was going to gist you." I knew exactly how she was going to react after the statement I made. But truthfully, I can't remember telling her that I was going to involve myself in any conversation with her.
"Ruby?!" Rachel bawled.
"Haha..." I laughed mockingly. "Okay fine, I'll tell you."
*following day*

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