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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


"Ruby, good morning." Joy, from where she was sitting, waved at me.
I smiled jauntily and at the same time, was surprised to see her because she never came early to lesson than I did.
"You're early today." I said to her, almost as if I asked a question.
"Is that the way to greet somebody?"
"Okay. Good morning má lady" I said, goofily.
"How are you my servant?" We both laughed at the statement Joy made.
"Funny you. But how come you are early today?"
"I just felt like."
"Hmm..." I sounded skeptical.
"Never mind."
We were so few in the class that, just mere looking at us, you could get the amount of number we were in the class. For the record, Benjamin and Chuka wasn't in class yet. In fact, a lot of people weren't in class yet, which made the class silent.
Seconds turned into minutes and students started marching in, making the class noisy bit by bit.
Whilst I was sitting down on my chair, chit-chatting with Joy. All of a sudden, I heard a voice from the back which sounded like Chuka's. I turned back slowly to be sure it was him. Not to my surprise, it was him. But, he wasn't the only one my eyes met. Benjamin and Faith were also with him, walking in. Immediately I sighted Benji, my heart skipped. I thought of what happened yesterday and a little embarrassment dawned on me.
A pang of jealousy hit my soul, when I saw Benjamin and Faith into themselves, laughing heartily, with Chuka at the front greeting everyone.
I began to ponder if truly Chuka and Faith were actually dating or it was Benji and Faith. But why do I care. At least, it wasn't my life, it was theirs. They should live it how they wanted to.
I turned front immediately so as to avoid eye contact with any of them, mostly Benji. On the other hand, Joy was still staring at them or should I say, staring at Benji, dreamingly. I hit her really hard on lap so she could lose all focus on him and paid attention to me.
"Ouch! What did you do that for?" Joy was definitely in pain. Good for you.
"Haven't you had enough staring at him? Besides, he is with his babe, so leave him alone." I sounded hurt and jealous, that any one who was observant enough, would definitely know how I felt.
"And who told you that Faith is his babe?"
"Isn't it obvious. I mean, she's the most pretty girl in this lesson and almost, if not all guys, would be wooing over her."
"That's not my business. All I know is that, Benji is mine!"
"See this idiot. You don't even stand a chance." I muttered.
"What did you say?"
"I said, be claiming someone that is not yours," I lied. "And would never be yours." I wanted to add.
"Well, soon enough, he would be mine and only mine!"
I didn't utter a word after Joy's last statement. I even distanced myself a bit from her. It almost seemed as though we were keeping malice, whereas, we weren't. However, I must not lie, I was angry, but wasn't keeping malice with her. I only distanced myself from her, to relax my mind.
It was still 'to-nine' in the morning and classes had not started yet. We do start our classes by nine, so every one was doing one thing or the other.
"Good morning." Someone placed a hand on my shoulder making me jolt a bit, but I didn't turn back yet. "Hey." The voice said to me again, this time, tapping my shoulder. I knew who it was but still didn't want to turn to look at the person.
"I know you are angry with me.." The person paused a bit before uttering another word. "Okay, I'm sorry." Why? You did nothing wrong, so don't
Finally, I turned back at the statement he made and met with his eyes. It was Chuka that spoke. Sincerity was all I could see in his face. And all I felt at the moment, was guilt.
"Why? Why are you sorry?" I voiced out.
"I know you are angry with me and that's why I'm sorry."
No, I'm not angry a bit. In fact, I'm really sorry. I
should be the one apologising.
I chuckled.
"What happen?" Chuka looked confused.
"You should see your face." I giggled.
"So that's why you're laughing?" He smirked mischievously, making him look so cute with his full lips. For the record, he wasn't my crush.
"So are we cool?" He was being all sincere again.
"Yea. Sure." I shrugged.
"Thank you." He jumped on me and hugged me, happily.
It was break time and everyone had gone to get themselves snacks or to do things. While, Joy left me without asking me to follow her. I guess she was angry with me.
Considering the fact I was alone, I had to get myself involved in something, so I decided to use my phone to distract myself. I clicked the Wattpad app Rachel sent to me and went straight to read 'chasing red' by Isabella Ronnie.
"Hey." Someone said, touching my desk.
I looked up to see who the person was talking to and it was me whom..wait, what, Benjamin? Yeah, my dream boy was right in front of me, talking to me.
* * * * *
Phew! Sprinkling the beads of perspiration off my
face. Lol
Okay, sorry guys if this chapter is kinda whack. It was a rushed chapter though and I'm really sorry. 
#Questions for d-day.#
- Do you think Chuka likes Ruby, than he does like
- What's gonna happen to Ruby due to the fact her
crush is in front of her, talking to her?
- How do you see Joy, Ruby's friend?

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