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Thursday, 25 October 2018


Benji's POV
It was break hour and everyone had gone out to get things for themselves, including me. Faith and I were in the food vendor when Chuka came to meet us, disrupting us from our cordial conversation.
"Guy, I want to talk to my babe." Chuka came off as rude, which made me confused as to why he sounded that way. But being my best friend, I shunned it.
"Okay. What are you buying?"
"Nothing. Just please excuse us."
I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at Faith perplexedly. She returned a confused look. No sooner had I left their midst than Chuka said something which made me halt.
"Don't you think you should apologize to Ruby." Chuka said.
I twirled around to face him. "And why should I?" I asked, angrily.
"I just felt it's appropriate to do so." He shrugged.
"But I did nothing wrong to her. So I see no reason why I should apologize to her."
"But you are a guy. Ladies would always be ladies. They would never make a first move to talk to a guy." With that statement, Faith glared at him.
"I know. But come to think of it, we had never spoken before. You were the one always talking to her and placing me at the center of the conversation. Besides, I never told you to invite her to my birthday party—"
"Benjamin, stop acting like a child. You know you want her to be at your party, but you're only hiding it." He cut me off. "So, better go and talk to her. You know I know you too well."
"Waheva." I shrugged and went in to talk to Ruby.
Immediately I stepped my feet into the class, my heart skipped. I was nervous and unsettled. I didn't know why I felt that way. I didn't for one like the way I felt.
I thought of running out of the class or going in and not utter a word to her, but that would be immature of me.
I searched for where she was seated and my eyes met her. She was with her phone, probably chatting or I don't know what she was doing with her phone. And I cared less.
Every step I took, drawing closer to her, made me feel weak and nervous. Why am I feeling this way?
She's a human like me. I tried to calm myself and remain steady, instead, it became worse, to the point I started sweating.
On getting close to her, I swear I could hear my heart beat and I knew for sure that my Adam apple had moved. Calm down, you're almost
there.... And you're here!
"Hey." I spat out, touching her desk to avoid my shaky legs from crumbling.
She raised her head to look at me and it was obvious she was shocked to the brim to see me in front of her, not just that, but also talking to her. Asides from the surprised look that was obviously written in her face, all I saw was a very beautiful girl starring back at me. I never knew till today that Ruby was such a beauty, perhaps, I had never taken my time to look at her.
I smiled warmly after I made the statement.
Ruby's POV
I least expected it. It was a shocker to me, seeing Benjamin right in front of me. Immediately, I felt goose bumps when he smiled at me. He was so beautiful staring at me, with his brown eyes and his pink lips which I must say, was kissable .
He was perfect to me - if I do say so myself.

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