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Saturday, 27 October 2018


"" Words deprived me from speaking. To say I was dumbfounded would be an understatement of the highest level. I was dumbstruck, speechless, I mean, just mention them.
"You...what..." I was speechless. Help me out,
Benji! He smirked, victoriously. And all he could do, was to smirk? Oh..Benji!
"What are you doing here?" Words found a way to escape out of my mouth.
"Hmm..a little offer to join you sit down won't harm." He smiled broadly, displaying his perfectly white complete teeth. Oh Benji. Only if you knew.
"And why is that necessary?" I deadpanned.
"I believe in courtesy." Oh so now, you're claiming
politeness. "Or, you could at least greet me rather than throwing questions at me." He added.
I was silent at his statement. I guess he was right.
"Still no offer? Well, it's cool. Let me just say what I..."
"You can sit." I cut him off, gesturing for him to sit.
"Oh..thank you." He smiled while taking a seat, beside me. We were so close that our arms were slightly touching each other. He smelled of Cologne and powder. I wished we could stay like this forever or even closer than we were.
We stayed silent for a while before he decided to spill out words.
"Nice pouch you've gat there." He said, pointing at my phone and looking at it too.
"Oh..thanks." A small smile formed on my lips. I bowed my head down to look at my phone and I for one knew he was sneaking glances at me. I was shy. In fact, I was more than shy. I couldn't look at him in the face.
"So, uhm, you sent me a friend request on Facebook right?" Benji said, breaking the awkward silence.
I looked at him suspiciously. "Did I?" I played charade. Really, did I just ask that?
"Yeah." He looked, unsure. "Is your name not Ruby James, if I'm not mistaken?" He said, stating the obvious.
"Sure, it is. But did I really send you a friend request?" My eyebrows were in fraction. Oh my
God! Ruby James, are you really doing this?
"Cause, I can't remember sending you one." Bravo
girl! You would make a good actress. I smiled to myself.
"Well, maybe it's not you. Perhaps, it's another Ruby James." He stated, obliviously.
I had the apt to slap him really hard on the face, but I couldn't, cause I knew for a fact that if I had done it, I wouldn't be alive to see the next day.
"Didn't he check my profile pic or he was only playing charade too just like I was?" I thought.
I pretended to be in deep thought. "Oh, wait! Are you Benjamin Ari..abi, Are.." I acted like I didn't know his surname. Funny me.
"Arugbo." He helped me complete my statement.
Wow, I never knew he had the accent to pronounce
his surname quite well. "Yes, that's me."
"Oh, so you're even the one." I was garnering up confidence now.
"Yes, I am the one." He sounded hurt. Probably because of the way I disregarded him.
"Okay. I didn't know it was you. I thought it was another Benjamin because he told me to add him up. He was asking me out actually. Pfft!" I lied. Okay, why was I telling him all of these, was it just to make him jealous?
"Oh, okay." He sounded hurt for the second time and it made me feel overwhelmed.
"So, you can block me if you wish, I'm cool with it." God knows I didn't want that to happen. Hope he wasn't going to adhere to my advice.
He laughed heartily, which made me look at him, confusedly.
"Do you really want me to block you?" He said, in between his laughter.
"That's if you wish." I shrugged.
"Well, I don't wish." Thank goodness gracious. We stayed silent, looking at the white board in front of us. I was back to my uncomfortable self again. I started hitting the table with the tip of my finger and biting my lips at the same time.
I couldn't count how many times I had sneaked glances at Benjamin. I just couldn't get enough of him. I wanted to look at him without minding any thing around me, but I guess that was one impossible thing. So this is how it feels like being
with Benjamin. Finally, I'm with my crush. I feel
so elated!
"Ruby?" He interrupted me from my train of thought. The way he said my name, sent shivers down my spine. "I'" He stuttered.
"Huh?" My brows were in fraction. "For what?" I looked into his eyes.
He turned away, sheepishly. "I really don't know." He chuckled, still not looking at me. Awwn.. Cute!
I let out a short laughter. "Really? You do not know why you're sorry? That's..weird?"
He looked at me and smiled. "Would you come to my party?" Boy, this guy was damn handsome. He was like a 'prince charming'.
And that question caught me off guard.
* * * * *
Probably, none of you saw this coming.
Well guys, here you have it. A chapter for you all
to enjoy and I so hope you all enjoyed it.
I can't leave without thanking you guys. You folks
are just the best any writer could ask for.

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