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Monday, 29 October 2018


Dedicated to all of my readers. You guys are just
It was Friday already. How fast the days run by.
I woke up, feeling fully prepared for whatever was going to happen in lesson.
I had my bath, dressed up and rushed down to have my breakfast. I was putting on a native dress, which was styled in the popular girl's way - off shoulder, and a sandal. My hair was neatly combed, it was still growing by the way.
"Ruby, I'm taking you to lesson today, so don't waste time." Dad said, immediately I got to the dinning room.
"But dad, I can go on my own. I don't need anyone to drive me to lesson." I said, obviously not wanting him to take me.
"Well, i don't have transport fare to give you, so that's why I'm taking you."
"I can trek."
"Really? Do you want to?" He sounded concerned.
Do I really want to? "Okay." I muttered, rolling my eyes.
After all that was said, I devoured my food. I was certainly starving. After I was done with eating, I rushed up to get my bag.
"Ruby!" Dad shouted. "See, I don't have time for this your useless attitude. Don't let me go late to work!"
And did I beg for you to take me to lesson? You
voluntarily said so. So, you'd better not shout now.
I dawdled down the stairs, angrily. He literally just ruined my day. You may be wondering how, but I hated when I'm being shouted at, unnecessarily.
"Are you normal?! Why are you walking like a snail?" Dad bawled. Okay, he literally didn't just ruin my day, he destroyed my mood and my day. Mission accomplish, dad!
No response.
"Get into the car my friend!" Jeez! This man was more than annoying. I guess he was sent to me. Well, in that case, he won.
The drive was a silent one. Dad didn't utter a word, neither did I. We got to the lesson and I came out abruptly with no words from me.
"Enjoy your day." Dad managed to say. After
destroying the day, you still expect me to still
enjoy it. Mtcheew!
I didn't bother turning back to even see his face or watch him drive away.
"Good morning sir." I greeted the security man. It was a different one actually, so no jokes attached. I kept a stern face, signing my name in the booklet.
While walking into the class, Benjamin and I passed each other without greeting. Chuka and Faith were also with him. He was probably engrossed in their conversation that he didn't notice me pass neither did Chuka nor Faith.
After the conversation Benji and I had last, we hardly greeted each other, not to talk of talking to each other. And for the record, I didn't answer his question on whether i was going to come for his party or not. Almost when I was about to say a word, Joy burst in, interrupting the conversation and that way, he left silently. So that was how the conversation ended. I didn't get to answer his question. Since that day, we never spoke.

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