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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


I walked passed them, not turning back to look at them.
It was the last period for the day and the teacher wasn't around, that means we were all talking, creating a hip of noise.
Joy and I were seriously discussing music. I got to realise that Joy was also a good singer and she was so into music than I was. She sang alto just like I did. We kept on talking until we were cut short by one person I made up my mind never to talk to. Amaka!
"Hi Ruby." Amaka waved at me with a smiling face. I raised my brows disgustingly at her. "Joy right?" She faced Joy.
"Yes." Joy replied to her question that I found, stupid. I didn't like her anymore, so anything she does, would play out stupid to me.
"Okay, so can I join you guys in your, should I say, heated conversation?" Joy and I exchanged looks.
"Why yes you can!" I feigned a happy face. "No you can't." I said almost immediately.
Amaka gave me a confused look before saying: "Sorry?"
"You heard right." I said, dryly.
"Ruby, why are you being rude to her?" Joy questioned. Don't act like you don't know.
"Like seriously? You ask me that? Didn't you see the way she talked to me the other day, so rude?"
"Well, that's by the way." Joy was cut off by me. "She doesn't have to join us in our conversation."
And not like it's necessary.
"She's only trying to be friends with us." Joy defended her.
"Friends? Why?" I directed the question to Amaka, who was just staring at us, lost.
"I never said I wanted to be friends with anyone. I only wanted to chip into the conversation. But it seems as though I'm not needed." Amaka said, briefly.
"Pfft! Obviously, you're not needed!" I curtly said.
"Tah tah." Her voice came out squeaky. And she left our midst after saying that.
"Argh! How much worse do you expect my day to go? My dad had done it all and now, this?" I faced palm.
"You were the one being rude." Said Joy. I rolled my eyes at her statement.
"Hello folks!" Chuka was in the front of the class, trying to get everyone's attention. "Well, as we all know, tomorrow is Benji's birthday and he would also be celebrating it in his house. So you guys are all invited. And remember, guys are to pay five hundred naira, some have already paid, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to, while for the girls, it's free." And he smiled saying the last statement. I must tell, this guy was damn confidence.
"If you're gonna come please raise your hands." Chuka said, roaming his eyes.
Everyone raised up their hands excluding me. I wasn't sure I would be there, so I didn't raise my hand.
"Ruby, you're the only one not coming." Chuka said, making everyone eyes directly staring at me.
Oh, this isn't good. I thought of going under my desk because I didn't like the way they were all staring at me.
I scanned everybody's look before saying anything.
"I...yes, I'm not coming."
"Why?" Chuka asked, almost immediately like he was expecting my answer. Do I really have to?
"Nothing. I'm not just sure I can make it."
"Okay, if you say so." After saying that, he left the front of the class back to his seat. It didn't take more than five minutes when the time for closing came.
"Ruby, wait up!" I turned back and saw Joy running to me. "Why are you rushing?" I could hear her breathing heavily.
"I'm going home." I said instead.
" Ehen , why ain't you coming for Benji's party?"
"Like it's necessary to."
" Ahah , are we fighting?"
"Why are you going anyways?" All this while I spoke, I didn't spare her a glimpse.
"What sort of stupid question is that?!" Okay, she got my full attention. I turned my face swiftly, at her ire of tone.
"You call my question, stupid?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Well, I can see you're such a desperate freak, and an obsessed one too." Any one who at the moment passed and heard the sound of my voice would definitely know I was infuriated.
"Please, mind your choice of words. Not because you can speak English and I can't, that doesn't mean you are way better."
"I only asked one simple question," I raised my index finger at her face. "Just one, and you called it stupid."
"Because it is."
"Never mind. You never give up, do you? You get me pissed off every time ." And that made me laugh.
"Okay seriously, why are you going?"
"Why won't I go. At least, he invited everybody and everyone is going, apart from you though."
"Is that..."
"I'm not done talking." She placed her hands in front of my face, to hush me. "I'm not just going because others are going, that's the answer to whatever question you wanted to ask. I'm going because, I like Benjamin a lot and I want him to notice me. I feel this is the right time." I saw desperation in her eyes. God please, don't let him
notice her.
I was short of words.
"So are you going to come? Please do. I would need your help."
"No, no, I can't. I'm going for choir rehearsal and I can't afford to skip it just because of a party."
"You could just skip it for tomorrow. I assure you, you wouldn't regret it one bit."
"No." I said firmly. I couldn't possibly risk going for the party. I liked him a lot and she expected me to help her out when I haven't helped myself yet. I also needed his attention, just like she needed it.
And with that, we bade 'bye.'
* * * * *
-Do you think Ruby's gonna go to the party?
Well, let's find out.

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