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Monday, 1 October 2018


I thought of running away, like a female character would do in movies, when embarrassment dawned on them. But that would be embarrassing itself, so I swept the thought away.
I walked to the class slowly but steadily.
Before i got there, they had all turned their faces to the teacher, who was at the front teaching them economics. I wasn't offering the subject so I had to sit at the back, alone in a long chair that could contain at most, nine people.
I didn't sit there just because I wasn't offering the subject, the front seats were filled up already, so I had no option but to sit at the back.
As the class was going on, a handsome looking guy, probably of my age, came to sit beside me. He was chocolate in complexion and had a very pink lip, it wasn't full though. He was of my height, I presume. He was a bit muscular and that made him very attracting to the eye.
He wore a purple dansiki, which fitted him perfectly and had a face cap on. He obviously wore perfume because the moment he got close to me, I smelled it.
Few minutes after he had sat beside me, a very pretty lady who looked very sophisticated also came to sit beside me, making me to sit in the middle of them. She was probably of my age. She was fair in complexion and had a very smooth and bright skin. Her skin glowed like the stars at night. Her eyes alone could make a guy fall for her at first glance. Her beauty was unexplainable. She also had a perfume on.
I felt really uncomfortable sitting in the middle of two people who looked like they were dating, because they were just talking throughout the class. It got to a point when I got pissed off and asked her to move to my position and me to hers.
After the class was over, we had to move to the class opposite us, which was where we were to have our maths class.
While I was arranging my books in my bag, someone tapped my shoulder from the back seat, but i pretended not to feel it because it was a gentle one.
"Hey." The same person tapped my shoulder again.
I turned back to look at the person who called me. Not to my surprise, it was a fair looking guy. He was tall and slim. He had a full lips which was wet and kissable. He was putting on a denim jacket with a black polo inside and a denim jean trouser. He looked funky and handsome, but not as handsome as the other one. "Hey." I replied in a low tone.
"You're new here right?" He was displaying his well arranged white teeth to me. Obviously.
"Yes, I am." I continued to arrange my books properly in my bag.
"Hi, I'm Chuka." He extended his arm to me.
"The name is Ruby James." I reached out to grab his arm. His hand felt so soft. Perhaps, he doesn't do any house chores. "If you may please excuse me, I have to be in the other class. I don't wanna sit at the back." I was trying to be as polite as I could be.
"Oh, okay." He was still holding my hand.
"Well, the hand."
"Oh, sorry sorry, I didn't know." He released my hand immediately and I rolled my eyes.
After the math class was over, the English teacher came in. He was tall and slim. He was fair in complexion and looked a bit old.
"Good day student." He walked to the front of the class.
"Good day sir." I responded and some others, but the rest were just being lousy. They were either laughing or gisting. Some were even playing with the teacher and he also joined in the play.

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