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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


"Okay, bring your notes out." The teacher ordered.
"Mr. Stephen, I like your top." Some random girl in the class said.
"Huh." I looked at what he was wearing and I found nothing good in it. He was just putting on a jersey. Unlike Chuka who was putting on denim.
"Thank you my wife." Mr. Stephen said, jokingly. "You know why I like this girl," He said, pointing at the girl but directing the statement to the whole class. "Because she always comments on how I look everyday. And not just any kind of comments, but a very good one." He smiled after he had completed the statement, which made the girl blush. Eww!
"Okay, okay, back to business. Bring out your notes, students." He went to the white board and wrote, letter writing on it. Ah! Thank goodness. I loved this particular topic a lot in English language.
"So, I've taught you all you need to know in letter writing, right?"
"Yes." The class chorused, apart from me. I was lost. I guess I wasn't around when they had the class.
"Okay, I'm going to give you a class work. When you guys are done, each of you would come out to read what you've written to the class. Is that clear?"
"Yes sir." It was a chorus response again. Oh no. I
hope he doesn't call me.
"The topics are, okay, it's gonna be a letter, informal or formal and a story. So you'd choose one to write." Mr. Stephen wrote the topics on the board and asked us to begin with our writings. The class was damn quiet and everyone was focused on what they were doing.
In less then fifteen minutes, I was done. He looked at me and nodded his head. I smiled to myself because I felt he was proud that a student could finish in less than fifteen minutes.
"Pen's up." Mr. Stephen commanded. "You go to the front and read." He said to a girl. She walked majestically and started shining her teeth. " See this girl oh, you dey advertise the toothpaste weh you dey use for house?" Everyone laughed to what Mr. Stephen said, including her but excluding me.
"I wonder oh. Abi , are they trying to show us how white their teeth can be in this lesson?" I thought to myself.
"Read abeg." Mr. Stephen faked an Igbo voice, which made her chuckle. He was a funny teacher though. But he looked smarter than he appeared to be.
"Okay. Hmm.." The girl cleared her throat before reading.
After she was done reading, everyone clapped for her and Mr. Stephen praised her for the write up. He said it was profound and well written. That ignited a pang of jealousy in me. Not like I was jealous she wrote well, but I was jealous because it wasn't me he said those words to. He scored her eight over ten for a job well done.
"Hey, you." I looked at who he pointed at because I noticed all eyes were on me. Lo and behold, it was me! Me? Oh God!
My heart skipped when I saw his fingers pointing at me. I wasn't a fan of crowds, so I was nervous.
I stood up and walked to the front of the class, quite uneasily. I placed my book in my palms and faced the class. Their eyes were throwing daggers at me. It was very intimidating, that I felt like the ground should just open up and swallow me. My legs felt really weak. I wanted to disintegrate.
"Start reading." Mr. Stephen gave me a go ahead.
I exhaled heavily. "Okay." I swallowed really hard before proceeding to read. "....Yours sincerely. Ruby James." And I was finally done reading it. It was an informal letter I wrote.
After I had finished, I didn't hear any applaud from the crowd, not even a drop of pin was heard. The class was as silence as a grave yard.
"What did you just read to the class?" Mr. Stephen decided to speak up after a minute of silence which felt like hours, standing in front of the whole class.
"What you've just read, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. Everyone one in this class is now dumber for having listened to you." Mr. Stephen words came out of his mouth, unapologetically.
I felt really embarrassed and angry too.
"Your tenses were just perfect. In fact, better than Helen's, the girl that read before you. But you didn't go in line with the topic at hand. You were just flying from one key to another, like musicians would say." Everyone laughed mockingly to what he said, but I didn't find it funny. In fact, I could feel the tears that welled in my eyes and if he didn't stop the corrections which sounded like insults to me, I would burst out in tears in no time.
"You need to improve. And for this you just wrote, I'm giving you four over ten. Normally, waec would give you zero." Ouch! That hurts. He collect my note and marked it, after which, he returned it back to me. "It's break time already, we'll continue after break. Those of you that are yet to complete your own, you'd better complete it, because when I get back, I don't want to hear that I'm not done. " Mr. Stephen said and left the class.
* * * *

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