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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


PS: This chapter has a lot of pidgin language, so
prepare your minds for it. Enjoy!
Few weeks had past during my stay in the lesson and I must commend, it has been an exciting one. A lot of people now knew me in the lesson, which was kind of jocose to me, because I wasn't known by my name, I was known as the fashionista. That was the nick name I was given in the lesson. I liked it though,reason that, it made me feel special and known to those who were new in the lesson.
And for the past few weeks I spent, I later knew that the chocolate looking guy's name was Benjamin and that he wasn't dating the fair looking pretty lady, who I later realised her name was Faith (she depicts the name), weren't dating. It was Chuka who was a boy friend to Faith.
"Ruby, aren't you buying anything?" Joy, which in the main time, was the closest friend I made in the lesson, asked.
" I'll be fine."
It was break time and everyone was going out to buy things for themselves. I, on the other hand, didn't have the appetite, so I left Joy to go alone for today. We do go together to buy snacks everyday, actually.
The class was a bit a scanty, only a few students were in. Some were chit-chatting, some were consuming their snacks they had bought, while some were just pressing their phones, probably playing games, chatting, listening to music or watching videos.
Whilst I was alone sitting down, I was observing the environment. I didn't know when my eyes met the person I detested and dreaded the most in the lesson. I averted my eyes away from her immediately, but unfortunately for me, she had seen me already.
I had always avoided her, not to talk of looking at her. But I guess today, my eyes were too determined to at least, sneak glances at her, which automatically just happened.
She was a trouble maker in the lesson and everyone disliked her. Although, she had a few friends who were a bit like her but better than her. She was also a dumb girl and didn't know how to construct a simple sentence. She was a die hard fan of pidgin language. She goes by the name 'Wema.' Nevertheless, she had a nick name, which was The trouble maker.
She got up from her seat, looking so petite. She had a small statue by the way. She was an epitome of 'small but mighty'. She walked majestically, heading to my direction. My heart started beating really fast. I didn't want any of her problems, so I was frightened by what she was going to do to me, when she gets to me.
"Hey," Wema hit my desk brusquely, which made my heart sank to my anus. "Why you dey look me that time?"
"Uhm..sorry?" I played charade.
" Iffa slap you . Which one is ' sorry'. " She mimicked me.
Her presence made me feel heat, that beads of perspiration were formed. I was so uncomfortable. I kept silent and stared at her, not wanting to prolong the issue.
"You ain't talking again? It seems you're now deaf." Wema didn't want to relent. She was definitely hungry for a fight.
"See Wema.."
She didn't even allow me complete my statement before she dragged the collar of my shirt, violently. I forced myself out of her grip, but all were in vain. Instead, she held my collar tighter, thereby, choking the hell out of me.
",'re choking me!" I bawled.
I pushed her vehemently and she fell, making her to hit her ass hard on the ground. I was breathing heavily due to the fact I was released from the choke that probably would have murdered me.

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