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Thursday, 11 October 2018


All attentions were drifted towards us, making the scene look like it was really serious. It was serious though, but not as serious as they might take it to be.
"What's going on here?" Joy, my closest friend, rushed to our direction. "What's happening!" She became inquisitive.
"Are you insane? Are you crazy? E be like say something don enter your head ." Wema stood up from the ground and raised her hand to hit me, but Joy was quick enough to restrain her.
"Don't you dare!" Joy said in a very intimidating tone, still holding Wema's hand tightly.
Wema became a bit relaxed. She removed her hand from Joy's grip and faced her squarely. I became afraid for Joy. I didn't know what I would do if Wema would attempt to lay even a finger on her. But Joy seemed less bothered. She had no expression written on her face, so it became obscure for me.
"See," Wema pointed her index finger at Joy. " You no say, person no carry you come this matter, so you better just dey mind your business. Make me and you no wear the same trouser." She warned. "See her big nose." She said, before existing our midst. Ah! Thank goodness. I heaved a sigh of relieve.
After a mild silence that erupted the class, Joy decided to say something.
"You see, didn't I tell you to come with me, so we can go out to buy something?" Joy laid her snacks on the desk and sat beside me.
"I didn't have appetite."
"But now you do right?"
"I guess so." I shrugged.
"If I slap you."
I giggled at what she said, before uttering something. "But girl, you have mind oh . I couldn't even believe it was my Joy, you, doing that." We both laughed.
"No nah , why would she be doing like a crazy person? Because she feels you're weak."
"What! Did you just indirectly insult me?"
"Haha, no. You know you are my paddy." She pulled me closer for a cuddle. "But seriously, what happened?" She released me and became more serious.
I told her everything that happened.
"So, that's why she's was raising her small breast for you." Joy hissed. "You sef , you too weak." I glared at her and she knew I didn't like the statement she said, so she smiled at me and paused for a while.
I hated when people called me a weakling, because I wasn't. I hated anything that had to do with physical combat, that was why I wasn't being violent towards Wema. Besides, it was an open view for attention to be called for and I hated attention a lot.
Being to the fact I hated attention, I also didn't want Benjamin seeing me fight, because I could not fight and it would only cause me embarrassment. So I had to play safe.
"See Joy, please don't trigger my anger by calling me weak. I didn't fight with her, only because she wasn't up to my standard. I don't fight with shits like that. She wouldn't even be able to stand her grounds if I had pounced on her." I bragged.
"Hmm.." Skepticism laced in Joy's voice.
"Nothing. I am just watching you blab. When she was here, you couldn't even open your mouth to spill out anything. But now that she's gone, you dey comot stories from this your small mouth."
"See, let me just tell you a secret." Joy lowered her tone, making me curious of what she was about to say to me. "Me too, I'm afraid of that Wema girl, but I am just raising my chest for her, so she would think that I am also in her level. That's why she can't fight me."
"Really? I thought as much." I held me jaw in realisation.
"Well, that's by the way, so what did you buy?"
" Ehen , so now your appetite has been restored?"
"Haha, yeah. Thanks to Wema."
* * * *
This chapter was fun writing. I don't know why,
but I really enjoyed.
Yes, questions for the day.
- What do you think about Wema's behavior?
- Do you think Joy is a good friend for Ruby to
mingle with? And why?
- Do you think Ruby has something for Benji,
which is Benjamin?
Your answers are welcomed. Throw them all to
make the author happy.
I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, like I said, I

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