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Monday, 1 October 2018


Chapter 4 - Shade

T.j gave her a confused look "you've been staring at that letter for like an hour. What's on it?"

"it's an invite to Naya's birthday party"

T.j's voice had excitement laced in it "That's great"

Then paused to look at the crestfallen look on his wife's face "why don't you look excited?"

"I don't want to go and I don't know what excuse to give. Does a teacher weekend convention sound believable"

"You don't want to go because?"

"I just can't. Must I have a reason"

"knowing you there's probably one"

Shade quickly changed the subject "Did you get the raise as promised"

T.j shook his head "not when ASUU is about to go on strike. We just have to be patient"

"How long can we be patient until we starve. How can the government be so heartless"

"I try not to think about it most times"

"but you have to. Maybe you should look for another steady job. A lecturer's salary isn't good enough for you anyway"

"where's this all coming from?"

"it's the truth, T.j . I love you but it's the truth. We need more money and your salary isn't enough"

"we're content about happy with where we are. We shouldn't try to push things"

Shade shook her head. She didn't know where her anger was coming from but she needed to voice it out "we have four children, T.j. FOUR. My salary can't keep us going, no matter how temporary this situation is."

"why are you making it sound like it's my fault. I have a job like you. It's not my fault the government doesn't pay the salary. Why are you so aggressive all of a sudden"

Shade sat down and ran her hands through her hair vigorously "I'm so sorry i shouldn't have said all those. It was quite selfish of me. It's just that I' so frustrated"

."Of what?"

"of everything and mostly about Naya's birthday party"

"why is that an issue"

"Naya is a successful retired model, Patricia is happily married to a well known actor, Grace is an accomplished doctor. Even Adesua of all people, is living well abroad with her American husband. But look at me, I gained weight and I'm not as fulfilled as they are. I'm a freaking science teacher while my friends are living their perfect lives. No, I can't see them"

"I've never seen you like this before. Who says you're not fulfilled. Your son is in the university studying law and we still have intelligent young daughters that we raised well. What more do you want? Is it only money that the issue or am I not good enough for you?"

Shade's eyes widened instantly "what? No? T.j, you're the perfect husband and the best father any child can ask for. I just hate how tight money is for us. We struggled to pay Odunlade's university fees and having four children is tasking. I love my job; but I crave for something more"

T.j's temper lessened as he stared at his wife intensely "I know how frustrating it is but you need to see the positive side to life like I do. You should go to that party. Enjoy yourself and connect with your friends. Maybe you'll see that your life isn't much different from theirs"

Shade could only nod, finding it hard to fight the nervous feeling at the pit of her stomach, of meeting her friends again.

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