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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Chapter 5 - Naya

Naya adjusted her glasses, letting her gaze fall on Gigi; her manager and the only person she could trust to be regular self "How are things with the birthday preparations. Are the suites ready?"

"Everything's perfect. It's going to be amazing, I can assure you that"

"what would I do without you"

"I should be saying the same. And stop sounding so sad, your birthday's on Sunday. Be cheerful, you'll have people that matter around you"

"I know that. I'm just tense. I haven't seen Shade since her son's naming ceremony, though we keep in contact on social media. I see Patricia only on red carpets and events and Grace is always so busy for hanging out so it's hard to keep in touch with her. I only really keep contact with Adesua and that's ONLY when I'm in America"

Gigi shrugged "That's justifiable. You're all busy women with lives of your own and your career has been your number one goal. You couldn't have reached this point if you made time for people in your past"

"I swear, you have every good response to everything"

"that's what I'm paid for"

Then Gigi pulled out some drugs from her handbag "Here's your prescriptions. Though, Dr. Oyelowo isn't happy that you're skipping your doses"

"Dr. Oyelowo doesn't know what he's saying"

"We can't afford to have another breakdown like before. I won't let you drag yourself in a dark place, okay?"

Naya ran her hands through her hair and quickly gave a grin, masking her pain "on better news, I want you at my party"

"me? Isn't it a private party? Friends only"

"you are my friend"

"I'm your worker and I'm younger than your friends. I do appreciate the invite but I don't want to feel out of place"

"are you calling me old?"

Gigi blushed instantly "oh no, not at all. I just don't think I should be there"

"I need you there. You never rest. Always worrying more about me and less of yourself. You can be in the background and do nothing, but I want you there. Have fun. live a little"

A bright smile appeared on Gigi's face "thank you so much. If you want me there, then I'll be there"

Naya only gave her an amused look as she felt elated, anticipating her and her friends reunion.

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