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Thursday, 1 November 2018


"Why didn't you look for me? Why didn't you come to me to explain all this? Why wait 10 years?" I ask.
"I was in jail Lisa." He said calmly and my eyes shot up to his in complete shock. I was expecting a lot of things but not this.
"What! Why?" I asked.
"I almost killed Luke. After I couldn't find you I ran back to the house full of anger and confronted Luke. He tried to apologize but I wasn't buying it. I lunged at him and he fell to the ground not expecting it. I hit him in the face multiple times letting all my anger into each hit till my knuckles and his face were bloody. I didn't stop till I noticed he wasn't moving and was barely breathing. I got up and searched around for Cole but he was nowhere to be found instead I saw phones with flashes on taking pictures and videos and before I knew it police sirens were blaring through the air. And since my hands were covered in blood and an unconscious Luke on the ground they handcuffed me and took Luke to the hospital." He paused for a quick breath before speaking up.
"I was in jail for close to a month. I was told to write a statement and to say why I hit him. I told them he raped my girlfriend but they didn't believe me. I gave them your address but your parents told them nothing was wrong with you. I couldn't call my parents to bail me out because I knew I was going to be in big trouble if they knew. They finally released me after three weeks since I was under 18 and Luke didn't die. Immediately I got out, I went straight to your house but it was locked and a for sale sign was outside on the lawn. I was confused and I asked your neighbours but they told me you moved out the week before to where no one knew. I tried your number, asked Sandra only to come up with nothing. I looked for months and then gave up hope of ever seeing you then I see you after ten years as my daughter's nurse." He concludes sighing deeply.
I just stare at him open mouthed. Here I was thinking I was the only hurting. Thinking I was the only one who went through hell and back. Thinking I was the only one meant to be in pain but all what Nathan said made me see him in a new light but that doesn't mean things would go back to normal. I mean ten years had passed.
"My parents especially my mom thought it would help me if we moved to another state since I was completely closed off from everything and I refused to talk to them. So two weeks later we moved. I clearly had no idea of you going to jail. I thought you didn't care."
"That explains why your house was empty. I care Lisa. I've always cared." He told me looking straight into my eyes. I quickly looked away. Its too early to catch feels.
"At least we both know what happened in each others lives till now." Nathan said and my curiosity got the better part of me.
"Not quite. How did Ashley come about?" I asked him.
"Product of a one night stand." He says dropping another bomb. I open my mouth in yet another shock. If he keeps dropping news like this my mouth will be open for quite some time. He notices my expression before speaking further.
"Not a one night stand with a hoe but my college mate. I was in college but I was always alone. When I wasn't studying I was drinking myself to stupor. One of my course mate who made passes at me which I ignored saw me drinking one day. She decided to play out her fantasy on me but I was too drunk to care. Only for her to show up 2 months later that she's pregnant with my baby. I didn't believe but she explained details of that night I missed and everything fit together. I was angry with myself but when Ashley's mother died during her birth I knew I had to take responsibility. I couldn't sit back and watch my daughter be sent to an orphanage. I left her with my parents till I graduated college and which was a year later then I moved into my house and grew my company."
"What about the Felipe's?" I ask since they weren't included in his story.
"They were initially my parents staff but they moved with me when I took Ashley from my parents." He concluded.
"Okay." I say not having anything more to say to him and we sit there in silence as if digesting all what we said to each other.
"What now?" Nathan speaks up making me look up at him.
"Do you mean where do we stand?" I ask him and he nods his head in reply.
"I don't know but all I know is we can't just go back to normal and act like nothing happened. Ten years have passed and we have both grown from teenagers into young adults and you also have a kid so things have clearly changed but that doesn't mean we can't be friends." I say to him.
"Yeah I totally understand. Being friends is nice. I could work with that." He smiles at me and I smile back.
We talk about other random topics mainly Ashley. Her checking out on Friday. We also talk about his company. We order real food to eat since we were both hungry from the long ass talk we had. It was a nice feeling till I looked at my watch.
"Oh shit!" I cursed and Nathan's mouth opened in shock.
"What?" I ask looking at him confused.
"You curse now? You never used to say curse words." He tells me and I blush slightly.
"I guess this is the new me." I reply him shrugging.
"I hate to cut this short but I really have somewhere to be. It was nice talking to you Nate. See you around." I say to him grabbing my purse, phone and hat before standing up.
"Bye Lisa. Thanks for hearing me out." He replied smiling. I smile back at him before leaving the café. I get into my car and drive out of the café heading for my apartment. I didn't really have anywhere to be but I promised Sandra I wouldn't stay later than six and it is already past seven. I get to the apartment twenty minutes later.
"Hey Lisa. How'd it go?" Sandra asks when I plop down on the couch beside her.
"Fine." I reply her resting my head back and closing my eyes. I could feel her glare on my face and opened my eyes to see her glaring at me full force.
"What?" I asked her clearly knowing what she wants.
"Just fine! You're out for hours and you come back telling me it went just fine. I WANT DETAILS NOW!" She yells.
"God calm down. I'll tell you. You don't need to get mad and all Wolfy on me." I smirk at her. I tell her everything not leaving one bit out because Sandra looked ready to chop me into pieces and toss me into the oven to burn.

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