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Thursday, 1 November 2018


Ameera laid on the bare floor, her body pressed against nothing soft as she was used to but rather the hard cold floor of only God knows where. At the background Ameera could hear footsteps advancing, she silently prayed the beasts of men where not coming her way. Her prayers seem to have been rejected as she heard the rustling of keys opening the door to the dark room she's being held, due to her weak physical state the door flung open before Ameera could get herself to sit upright.
A bright light cut through the darkness illuminating the dark room burning deep through Ameera's retina. Impulsively Ameera raised her palms to shield her eyes from the bright glow trying to make out the form behind the light which proved abortive.
"Get up! We are leaving." the only statement the gun-carrying man uttered in a coarse commanding tone.
From the blues a surge of lost energy charged through Ameera's body lifting her heavy self off the ground. Being too familiar with the consequence of disobedience, Ameera knew too well she had no time to waste if at all she doesn't want to procure the wrath of a mean whip upon herself. The thought of her last ordeal made her shudder and encounter she will try to avoid at all cost, within a fraction of a second Ameera was out the door marching down a hallway accompanied by the hulk of a man behind.
Just outside what had been her accommodation for the last few days, the place didn't look so dark as a few seconds before. Pausing for a moment unsure of what to do or where to go Ameera stood there looking from left to right scanning and taking in her surroundings, just a few feet to her right three trucks were standing by as other unfortunate souls like her were being bundled up into the trucks. Without waiting for an order Ameera moved swiftly towards the loading trucks and stood in line.
Few hours into the torturous journey, only the sound of combusting engines echoed in the vast nothingness of a desert. The constant swaying and rocking of the trucks along the carved out secret roads made it next to impossible for ameera to sleep. She watched closely as trees and shurbs go by fast in the dark vast space of nothingness. She couldn't help but give in to the little idea instilled in by the darkness —escape!
There it is! Her ticket to freedom, all she had to do is jump off the truck and vanish under the guise of the darkness —then she'd be free again, just like the bird. For a short while —a very short while a muscle in ameera's lip twitched as though to form a smile but her happiness was short lived. Another rocking of the truck wobbling through rough portholes reminded her of the Armed men surrounding her. It sent shivers down her back but what awaits her at wherever it is she's being taken to isn't good, she can feel it.
Ameera looked westward to the armed guards behind the truck and sideways to the zooming trees. "It's plausible" Ameera silently reassured herself. "She can scale off the veering truck, make a run for it and hopefully get lost before they spot her it is a fair gamble but.... " she looked back at the hefty armed men whose faces knew nothing of mercy. What if she jumps off and lands wrongly sprainning an ankle in the process, gets shot or worse —get recaptured. The heavens know she wants to live but she equally knows that death is an amazing gift compared to getting captured... Again!
Ameera shut her eyes in a bid to throw out the thought of what would happen to her if she gets recaptured in the process, she doesn't want to think about it any further because what she knew for certain was death was most definitely more beautiful than what ever it was.
The night stretched further, rocking the trucks as they plunge in and out of the worn out secret path made the journey seem like and off-road adventure, only this was not the good kind. They rode for some hours before coming to a halt which did not go unnoticed by ameera. Curiously she craned her neck to the side. Admist the darkness she could see the silhouette of a few tents –tents similar to the ones in the camp she left or wait... Then it struck her, could the insurgents being playing mind games with them are they back to the previous camp just so they could confuse them?

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