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Saturday, 3 November 2018


"The doctor told me to pay a sum of 60 thousand naira. I've already given him half from your saving box"
With her mother's brows knitting up and her forehead beginning to form a line, she knew her tension was growing so she hurried into further clarification.
"No need to worry mama, there's a friend of mine who would lend me the money. I've never mentioned her to you before but she's very nice and her parents are rich. She's like my guardian angel. I think God sent her to me sef. I mean, she always takes care of me in school and It's even at her place I used to squat whenever I couldn't afford to come home. She's the one who gave me the money to come back and see you. When I call her and tell her the problem on ground, I'm sure she'd definitely help me."
With that explanation, Her mother's worried expression drew into a warm smile.
"I'm glad God has been merciful to you"
Nnenne smiled back at her mum, and then laid her head on her mum's chest in a hug. A tear ran down the bridge of her nose as she condemned herself for lying to her mother for the first time in her life.
AT AROUND 8PM THAT DAY, Lanre was playing a video game when he heard a knock on his door. He hadn't spoken to Nnenne all morning, he felt she needed some space after that incident.
He had come to the realization that he liked her but he didn't want to ruin everything by rushing it. So he smiled, thinking that perchance she had come to a realization as well and that was what she had come to tell him.
He rushed to the door. Before he opened, he rubbed down his waves with his palms, straightened his shirt and prepped himself to open the door. His smile dropped when he opened to see Adaeze.
His eyes examined her, she was wearing a nude silky cross dress with knotted waist, it showcased her full bust cleavage. She looked hot, even Lanre thought so, only difference is, he wasn't moved by it as he proceeded to jam the door in her face.
She wedged the door with her feet, wearing an open toe lucite strap rope lace up stiletto heel. The lace was tied all the way to her laps, flavoring her light skin and complimenting the extremely short dress.
"I came to apologize" she said, her eyes slightly narrowed.
Deciding to give her a chance to explain, he opened the door and let her in. She walked in, her butt shaking along with her breaking waist. It was hard not to notice as her dress stopped right underneath it.
"So what do you want?" He asked, his arms dug pompously in his pockets, awaiting her answer.
She took slow catwalks towards him as she spoke,
"I came to apologize. The truth is I can't stand it when you're mad at me" her eyelashes fluttering.
He could tell from the way she spoke, she was pretending and he wasn't ready for her drama. He glared tiresome at her, standing directly in-front of him.
"You don't need to lie to yourself or me. We both know you just used that as an excuse to get in here. So just go straight to the point. What do you want?" He asked, cocking his head.
She looked at him, longing covering her features.
" YOU " she said, the words escaping her mouth so lightly as her head remained slightly downturned while still maintaining eye contact with him.
The word echoed in his ear like a clock tower bell, as his eyes bored into hers. He wasn't looking at her rather his mind was trying to process what she just said. He was astounded. His mien curled into a combination of confound and revulsion.
He mused back to about a week ago when his friends told him about Adaeze's feelings and he brushed it off, not because he didn't see her worthy enough, but due to the fact that he had his eyes on someone and also felt she was too struck on other men to be attracted to him.
Seeing the change in his countenance she could tell she wasn't going to like whatever came out of his mouth next so she thought of something quickly.
"Lanre, please can I have a glass of water" she said, with a coy smile.
He snapped out of his trance and started to the kitchen. He was thinking of ways to turn her down nicely, because he knew that if he was rude, she would hold it against Nnenne.
He took out a bottle of water from his fridge and a glass from his cupboard. Raising his lowered head as he approached, he was left stunned by what he saw.
It was Adaeze, posing seductively and stack naked in her heels. Her gown and lingerie laying on the floor.

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